Brand Overview: J. One Jelly Packs

As much as I am into anything and anyone South Korea gives to the world, I tried J. One first before finding out that it is the brainchild of Ha Ji Won, who I watched in the 2015 K-Drama The Time We Were Not In Love.

According to their site, J. One means “The one and only cosmetic solution proposed to women.” and they offer creative and admirable cosmetics to ideal for modern working women through our own know-how and skin science.


Black Jelly Pack

The first one I tried is the Black Jelly Pack. There are a few overnight masks on the market and I was lucky to have all the products I’ve tried work on my skin. The Black Jelly Pack ($47) from J. One Cosmetic, for example, is very hydrating and moisturizing. It has black cumin seed, truffle, black currant, blackberry, black bee propolis, and black pearl extracts that aims to plump, lift, and, firm the skin.

Whenever I use this, I always have a healthier looking skin in the morning. Applied after your moisturizer, this has a faint, relaxing scent and a dark gray coloring that becomes invisible when applied. Although I still love my Water Sleeping Pack from Laneige, this is in my rotation for those days when I’m feeling like my skin needs more moisture. This might not be hydrating enough for those with dry skin, though. Oily skin types, however, will find this just enough and your face won’t feel greasy the morning after.


Red Jelly Pack

Claiming to be a serum, an ampoule, and a primer, the recently launched Red Jelly Pack contains red algae to act as an antioxidant and give the skin a natural rosy glow. It has raspberry, hibiscus, and papaya extracts to nourish and soothe skin while the hyaluronic acid, moringa seed oil, and niacinamide to hydrate and brighten the skin.

The Red Jelly Pack ($42) has a runny texture but still has a jam-like texture. I have oily skin so I didn’t think this would work for me as a primer but it did for just a simple everyday makeup routine. It kept my face hydrated for about half a day before I had to mist my face. It provided an instant softness to the skin and gives my face a glow that doesn’t look greasy. It applies very tackily but it dries down after a few minutes and just leaves me with a soft, nice to touch skin. It also blends well with makeup, even the matte foundation I usually use. Because of the texture, I prefer to use this at night. It makes me feel like it seals in everything I use beforehand. It also provides my face a healthy-looking glow and makes my face plump and hydrated overnight.


Jelly Pack

The Original Jelly Pack, the brand’s first product that got cult status, promises to be a skincare product and a primer in one. It claims to condense your morning routine. It’s a common story, oversleeping and rushing to make yourself look like a normal human being. The Jelly Pack ($42) claims to help with that. Meant to be used right after cleansing and before applying makeup, the pack aims to firm and hydrate the skin while it grips the makeup afterward. It contains fullerene to address free radicals and brighten the appearance of skin. It also has fragmented hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. The jelly pack is made without parabens, synthetic dyes, fragrances, and mineral oils.

Believe it or not, even though this is the first product I saw from J. One, this is the last product I tried. This product literally brings back memories of me playing with glue when I was a kid. That’s the exact texture and feel of the jelly pack. Thankfully it doesn’t smell like it and it liquifies a bit once it comes into contact with my skin. I wanted to try this for so long but I was hesitant because I have not read any reviews of this working for oily skin. So I took it upon myself to try.

I like using this at night because I feel that this binds all the products I put before this. I also like using this as recommended, in the morning when I don’t have much time to do a full routine. As a primer, I noticed that this has a lifting and cooling effect on the skin, which makes it easier to apply makeup. My foundation goes on smoother and stays put for longer. As a morning moisturizer, this hydrates the skin so I blot less than usual. This is my go-to when I know I will need my makeup to last more than usual and for when I do not have time to do a full morning routine.

Overall, I believe the Red Jelly Pack and Black Jelly Pack can work as a serum moisturizer combo for oily skin types at night. The Original Jelly Pack can be the only skincare product you use in the morning after cleansing and before applying makeup. Would it work for oily skin? Yes. However, this shouldn’t be considered as a mattifying primer that will magically absorb all the oil in your skin. This is more for those days when you are just going out for a weekend brunch and you want to look a bit dewy to show some semblance of health on your hungover face.

Where to buy

Online: Glow Recipe, Sephora, Cult Beauty, Memebox,

PH: BeautyMNL, KBeauty Cafe

*These products were provided by @jonecosmetic for review.

Lazy Skincare: Beauty Sticks

For girls who are either too lazy or too rushed to be bothered, beauty sticks are always the way to go. They are fuss-free, compact, and adventure-friendly. From cleansers to sunscreens, these are my picks for on-the-go beauty.


Cleansing Sticks have been around for a few years now, serving the travelers who don’t let their skincare routine take the back seat wherever they are. The Neogen Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick which contains real green tea leaves and removes makeup efficiently. Another option is the Acure Incredibly Clear Cleansing Stick, which has rosehip oil and sea kelp to help cleanse oily skin types.


For treatments, The Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum aims to brighten, hydrate, and smoothen the skin with watermelon fruit extract, swiss garden cress sprout, and vitamins A, C, and E. Julep Beauty also offers two pressed serums in stick form. The Dream Big Nightly Renewal Pressed Serum with BHA streamlines your PM skincare routine by offering to hydrate and exfoliate the skin through salicylic acid and sodium hyaluronate for a smoother complexion.  The You Got This Pressed Serum Daily Moisturizer offers soothing hydration defending the skin against environmental damage with its camellia japonica seed oil, Jeju blossom extract, sodium hyaluronate, and ceramides.

Great for dry spots or any part of your skin that needs some moisture, Josie Maran has the Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick. It can moisturize chapped lips, soothe dry skin, moisturize dry cuticles, and soothe the skin, among others.


For those who are always outdoors and needs a sunscreen that can be applied many times over, the Coola Mineral Sport SPF 50 is an organic sunscreen stick that has tamanu oil, sea kelp extract, and cocoa seed butter to protect and moisturize the skin. Another option is the su:m37 Sun-away Clear Shield Sun Stick, and SPF 50 sun stick recommended for dry skin types because of its moisturizing texture. It’s also sweat and water resistant.


After hydrating, moisturizing, and protecting your skin, it’s time to put in some color with these portable and multi-tasking makeup sticks.

Stick foundations are the heroes of shortcut makeup routines, providing coverage wherever you are. A sunscreen, foundation, and primer in one the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Multi-Performance Stick SPF 45 blurs pores and lines, hydrates, smooths, provides SPF 45 protection. The Makeup Forever UltraHD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation is also an option if you want coverage. It creates a flawless complexion with a lightweight texture that leaves a natural-looking, radiant finish.


If you have time to add a healthy glow to that coverage, Nars The Multiple has a variety of shades in both matte and shimmer finishes to enhance your complexion. A personal favorite is Orgasm, which provides both color and shimmer. It’s perfect for those times when I need to quickly add a rosy glow to my face.

The Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color is a dual-ended stick that has a creamy color on one ends and a blending brush in another. Providing illuminating, highlighting, and bronzing shades, this is perfect if you want more precision in how you apply makeup without having to bring your entire arsenal wherever you go.


For the finishing touch, another favorite is the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick which you can use on both cheeks and lips as the color options are universally flattering. I always use Formentera when I want to add extra color during beach vacations. The Beach Stick blends easily even if you’re just using your fingertips so it’s great for a goof-proof application.

Oily Skin, Meet Your Serum Soulmates


Putting fewer products on oily skin is almost like reflex, an easy solution to avoid aggravating the daily grease fest we experience. When I started taking my skincare seriously, I first explored the world of sunscreens, masks, and cleansers. I was hesitant about getting into serums.  Would it be too thick for my skin? Would it cause allergies? Would it make me oilier? Don’t I have enough products?

Curious person that I am, however, I can’t help but gravitate toward them. After doing some research, I learned that serums would give me what I need. I can go after specific concerns aside from having a disco ball for a face come two in the afternoon. Serums, applied after cleansing, toning, and essence-ing (?) but before moisturizing, penetrates deeper into the skin because of its small molecules and therefore, delivers a higher concentration of active ingredients. This is what makes serums more apt in targeting more specific skin concerns like enlarged pores, pigmentation, signs of aging, dullness, and texture. This is also why I made it a mission to find serums that would agree with my oily skin.

Here’s what I found.

It’s already a given for us #oilyskinladies but serums can help manage acne-prone skin. A longtime go-to, the Effaclar Duo (+) from La Roche Posay helps clean clogged pores and manages excess oil production. As you know, clean pores lead to less irritation and blemishes. This product is also non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and it has no parabens. I always use this whenever I’m outdoors for too long and if I feel a pimple coming up. I also use this as a spot treatment.

You can also check out Glossier Super Pure, which contains niacinamide and zinc. These ingredients help calm blemishes and remove skin impurities that build up inside your pores.  With its lightweight formula, I apply it every morning before makeup, a feat because finding products that go great with makeup is a task in itself. You can also check out its cheaper alternative, The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum. Just note that serums that contain niacinamide cannot be applied with Vitamin C serums.

It was only when I got into skincare that I found out you can be oily and dehydrated at the same time. It panicked me – am I dehydrated? Yes. Do I slather oil? Depends. What do I use? I researched and researched. When I read that the Hydrate Facial Serum from Jordan Samuel Skin contains Hyaluronic acid, stabilized Vitamin C, and hexapeptides with cucumber, tamarind, and passionflower extracts, all hydrating properties, I was sold. I use this serum morning and night because I instantly noticed that my skin is less greasy in the afternoons and after I wake up after the first few days of use. My skin feels like it just drank eight glasses of water and my skin knows if I forget to use this.

Being in my early thirties, fine lines are also starting to show and my skin is not as taut as it was. No one would definitely mistake me for a college student. Even though I’m not aiming for that, I just want to age slowly and gracefully but don’t we all?

Many anti-aging products have a thick consistency, which is not good for those with oily skin like mine. Then I found Buffet from Deciem’s The Ordinary. This serum targets multiple signs of aging while retaining a consistency that’s light enough for oily skin. Best applied at night, Buffet contains a wide variety of ingredients –  Matrixyl, Peptide complex, Syn-Ake, and 11 amino acids to help keep those fine lines at bay. I love its texture; it’s silky but not too thick and it sinks in well on my skin, a perfect night serum that blends well with other products.

Another option is the Genius Liquid Collagen from Algenist. This vegan, collagen-based serum helps to restore the firmness of your skin. Like a tall drink of that much-needed water, this serum contains corn, soy, and wheat protein fibers to fight signs of aging. It has a fragrance though, but I didn’t mind because it smells very sophisticated. You know, the smell as if you’re doing something right in your life. The texture is smooth to the touch but a bit bubbly. This has become one of my go-to night serums because my skin feels bouncier and softer when I use this.

Vitamin C Serums are the biggest finds I had when I was looking for serums. They helped lighten post-blemish dark spots I had in my chin, brightened my skin, and managed my enlarged pores. For those with oily and sensitive skin, you can try the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Juice Drop from Klairs. Designed to be non-irritating and gentle, it’s a good start for those hesitant about piling on products with strong ingredients.

For those who are looking for something stronger, the C-Firma Day Serum from Drunk Elephant has 15% potent antioxidant complex of L-ascorbic, and ferulic acids, vitamin E to help neutralize environmental stressors and reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. This serum also has pumpkin ferment and pomegranate extracts that helps smoothen the skin texture. Just note that for Vitamin C serums, sunscreen every morning to avoid having skin irritation is a must. It is also best to not mix AHA and BHA products when using these.

An option for those looking for a multitasking serum is another product from Drunk Elephant – the TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, which contains glycolic, lactic, tartaric, citric, and salicylic acids along with hydrators like raspberry extract and horse chestnut. An ingredient powerhouse which you can’t feel due to its gel-like texture, this helps lighten pigmentation, prevent acne, reduce dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and improve uneven skin tones.

I know I have mentioned many great options but please do not pile everything on. Limit your face to three serums per routine. These products have powerful ingredients that may not agree with the others. They might not even agree with your skin. That is why you should also do your research. Look at the ingredients before buying and see what will work on your face. Serums are one of the most expensive products in skincare so proceed with caution. You can also test products in your hands first to see if there will be reactions.


*published in titled “Serums For Oily Skin.” last October 2017

Current Fave Lip Colors


Some people can’t leave with putting on their mascaras; I can’t walk out the door without colored lips. It’s the only thing that can make me look like I tried, even if I didn’t. Here are my current favorites.

Kosas, Rosewater

For a barely there I woke up like this look, I always reach for this. This lipstick just feels so lightweight and yet it provides high-impact pigmentation. Whether I’m going for a made up or blurred-around the edges look, its blush pink color always gives my lips but better look. A great everyday lip color looks great no matter what the occasion, it also contains Green tea, rosehip, and grapeseed oils and mango and shea butter to help heal and moisturize your lips.


 Lilah B. Divine Duo, B. Sassy

The Divine Duos from Lilah B. can be used on the lips and on the cheeks, making it a vacation must-have. The colors they offer are very versatile but B. Sassy is bright pink, perfect for daytime. This lip and cheek color is long-wearing and has a matte finish. They are all made with coconut oil, aloe, and agar to keep your puckers moisturized and hydrated. If you’re feeling really lazy, you can also use this as an eyeshadow for the bold monochromatic look.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, Sexy Sienna

This is a pop of color that can be worn in the office and no one would bat an eyelash. It has a peach tone and feels like velvet. It will last through meetings and that salad you snuck away in between conference calls.


 The Beauty Archives, LBD & Red

Perfect for touch-ups, these vegan lip tints give instant color that lasts longer than most lip tints. It has a balmy texture that is moisturizing but feels lightweight. LBD & Red has a poppy red color that can be applied sheer or built-up for a more intensified look.


 Pat McGrath Labs Luxe Trance, Sedition

We are always in search of the best red lipstick and I think Pat McGrath is convincing me to stop searching. It’s classic red color, Sedition, looks and feels luxurious. The pigmentation is insane and has a satin finish. It’s also comfortable to wear and it’s long lasting.

Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain, Coral Anti-Mainstream

We all know we love makeup because it’s fun. We’ll a bold lip color will up the ante. This lightweight lip stain is matte, extremely pigmented, and it doesn’t budge. It’s a matte lip color that doesn’t feel drying and it lasts the whole day. Perfect for lounging the whole day by the beach.

Patchology Lip Service

Get perky, moisturized lips with the Lip Service from Patchology. It’s a gloss to balm treatment for your lips and it contains hyaluronic acid, aloe, and honey hydrate your lips and keeps it soft. I use this as an overnight treatment or for when I am running out for errands and just want to look put together. This can also be used as a topper for a light sheen.

Go-to Blushes for Oily Skin


I may suck with eyeshadows and eyeliners but blushes are my jam. I used to not have a need for them in high school – a time where I get enough sleep, I have no skin problems, and I have what they call, naturally “rosy cheeks.” Nowadays, less sleep and too much work give me sallow and dull skin overnight. With those, skincare products help but the naturally flushed look can come naturally now. The right blush can warm up the skin, create the illusion of high cheekbones, and make people look happier and healthier than they really are.  I use these to fake it.

Glossier Cloud Paint

For that flushed look, I always go to Glossier’s Cloud Pain in Puff. I thought this was too light for my Asian skin but it just looks so pretty. Thankfully, this helps brighten my whole face and has that tinge of light pink that doesn’t emphasize my pores. It’s creamy, easily blends with my skin, and a small drop can go a long way. I find this best used for the real no makeup look we all strive for. I also have Dusk, for some slightly bronzed look.

Nars The Multiple

It’s Nars’ iconic blushes in cream form. I have the one in Orgasm and, to be honest, I like this better than the original because this creates a dewy glow that highlights my tan. The color compliments my skin well and it works as a blush and as a subtle highlighter. Their multiples are pigmented and vibrant. Its sheen and color in one sleek stick for days when you’d rather be in bed but you don’t want to look like it.

Benefit Coralista Coral Blush

I can’t finish this list without mentioning one of Benefit Cosmetic’s blushes. My favorite, Coralista, is a warm pink blush that creates a subtle rosy glow. It brightens skin and has been a staple in my office desk for when I’m looking for a midday pick me up. I love that they have mini versions that include mini brushes as well. I can just leave in the office and use it whenever.

Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color Matte

For evening, this helps get the job done. I use Naughty N’ Spice, which is deeper than most of my blushes and goes on matte. It lasts the whole day and is handy – color on one side and brush on the other, for touch-ups. This is the personification of flushed and as a plus, can be applied to the eyes, cheeks, and lips, as the name suggests.

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick

As you can see, I am a sucker for cream blushes. I feel like I can use them better on my oily skin and it applies more smoothly. Another favorite from my stash is Formentera from Charlotte Tilbury. This is the perfect summer blush. It smells like chocolate and applies like satin, stays put for hours, and provides a dewy, sun-kissed look with a rosy hint. It’s easily blended with makeup and is buildable if I need more intensity.

Marc Jacobs AirBlush

For impact and longevity, the Marc Jacobs Air Blush contains two colors to create a healthy-looking glow. The powder blush feels silky and creamy on the skin. I have the colors Night Fever and Hot Stuff, which is warm pink with a luminous finish. I can’t believe how pigmented this is. A light dab with my brush gives my cheeks colors for the day. It blends effortlessly with my makeup and its intensity lasts the whole day, up to the night. I use this for long working days and events.

**published on last April 2018