Brand Overview: Matis

French skincare brand Matis has been offering products for men and women since 1936. To be honest, I have never heard of this brand and I’m the only one to blame for that.

I got a variety of their products, mostly from their Réponse Pureté line. The line is made for those with oily skin types to help fight against a shine, large pores, dullness, and skin imperfections. The line mainly uses the Matisebo System, an active ingredient that combines specific acids to Enantia Chlorantha (an African tree) extract to help regulate sebum secretion.


Their Clay Mask aims to help purify, clean, and soothe the skin without drying it. It balances the skin by absorbing sebum excess. It also contains yellow clay to purify, absorb excess oil, and tighten pores. What I instantly liked about this was that it feels creamy upon application. It doesn’t tighten or get completely dry making it feel gentle on the skin. It applies almost like a lightweight moisturizer and has a yellow color but dries gold and shiny, almost like melted glitter. It’s a bit difficult to rinse off as it feels sticky but the difficulty rewards you by revealing a plump and soft skin. It also leaves a sort of protective cover on the face, which vanishes once I dry it down. It just leaves a moisturized and soft skin. Unlike other clay masks, this doesn’t dehydrate my skin or leave it feeling stripped.


The Intense Purity Serum is balancing and perfecting serum designed to beautify the skin texture. It promises to reduce the appearance of pores and imperfections while it rebalances the skin flora and regulates sebum production. It contains Cutaneous Ecosystem Protector from natural sugars to protect the skin and malic acid grafted from oat to remove dead cells and impurities. This feels really lightweight and it dries fast. Immediately after application, it gets absorbed into the skin, leaving a matte feel. I use this in the mornings and I believe this keeps the oil at bay. It doesn’t completely eliminate it but it helps to keep my makeup the same way I applied it for more than half a day. Couple with an oil control mist and this works perfectly even when I let my makeup stay on for too long.


The Shine Control Purifying Care is day cream designed to refresh the skin while controlling sebum production. It has microparticle polymer to control shine and aha. This is a good daytime moisturizer for oily skin. It looks and feels thick but feels so light on the skin that I thought dollop would do. However, it would need more to cover my face. It can be applied liberally without worrying that it would feel too thick and make my skin oilier. It does pill under some silicone primers, however. Aside from that, I have no problems because this leaves my skin dewy and matte, something I never thought I would say as a result of a product.


The Fundamental Nourishing Serum is from the Réponse Jeunesse line, which is focused on anti-age prevention. IIt claims to help restore essential lipid reserves and rebuild the natural barrier of the epidermis. It contains white lupin extract to stimulate the synthesis of the epidermis structure proteins and improve the barrier function, shea butter to regenerate and soften, shea illipe to moisturize, and cranberry extract to help the skin to maintain its youthful reserves. This is a super light, non-greasy serum. Not heavily scented, you just get a whiff of a mild fragrance. I use it almost every night, before applying my moisturizer, but I would gladly use it by itself. Because it’s super light, it’s incredibly easy to spread all over the face. The non-greasy formula, which feels more like water than cream when applied on the face, really makes it easy for the skin to absorb. It dries perfectly and leaves my skin feeling instantly quenched, without the stickiness of most moisturizers.

I really am glad I found out about this because it’s rare for me to find a line of products that will not only keep oil at bay but also create a balanced skin. My skin isn’t just matte, it also looks healthy and well-moisturized since I started using this.

*These products were provided by Matis for review. Available at,, and

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