Monthly Favorites: October 2018

These are the things I kept on reaching for the past month. Most of these are Korean Brands as k-beauty is something I’m falling back in love with.

No lip tints or glosses here. Recently, I’ve seen more and more matte lip colors from k-beauty brands and for someone who has recently experience shorter matte lip color tolerance, I’m more than excited.

Created in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist and YouTuber Gaeko, Romand launched in 2016 to offer products with on-trend makeup shades and textures. The Zero Gram Matte Lipstick claims to be a light as a feather and soft as butter lipstick that lasts long and glides on the lips without flaking, drying, or caking.

It comes in 8 colors and I got mine in the shade Awesome, a bright coral pink that doesn’t look too shocking on my skin tone. The lipstick feels like a crayon and the pigmentation is true to the skin. It applies matte but doesn’t feel like it’s sucking every moisture on your lips. It glides on smoothly and gets you full application in one swipe. It lasts all day and will only require retouching if your lips touch food or water. For someone who doesn’t like retouching, this is a great plus. The color is good for every day and helps brighten the entire look. (This product was provided by @romandyou and beautytapofficial for review.)

Cream and liquid blushes are my favorite. For me they just apply more naturally, they are easier to control, and they just look better for me. Most of my favorite blushes are in cream or liquid form and I always check what new liquid/cream blush is out there.

The Petal Blusher from Innisfree used to be part of a collection last year. It became a permanent product for the brand and this year, they added two more shades. The liquid blush is inspired by floral colors and promises to be long-lasting with its water texture that adheres to the skin. One of the 2018 shades, Dried Pink Hydrangea, contains hydrangea extract to provide a natural color to the cheeks.

It has been a hard hit or miss with me when it comes to products from Innisfree. I never run out of their cleansers and yet their lip products, as many as I had before, I didn’t seem to reach for that often. This petal blushes, however, will be filed under the former category. I chose this product on a whim but have used this almost every day since I got it.

The frosted bottle packaging looks like a nail polish, even the applicator which is a brush. It always feels cooling when applied on the skin. Dried Pink Hydrangea has a mauve pink hue that looks dark on my cheeks than on the actual bottle. I use about three strokes on each cheek before blending it with a brush.

It blends so seamlessly, especially over liquid foundation. It creates that subdued flushed look that I always go for and lasts the whole day. I can also build this up by applying on top of my usual application, to get a more defined look. The blush applies matte so I never have to worry about this emphasizing my skin’s imperfections. The color also lasts for more than half a day so I don’t need to worry about retouching. It has become my everyday blush and I love it truly. I want to get more colors. (This product was provided by @innisfree and @stylekoreanglobal for review. Available for $9.72 or PHP574 at

My skin is extremely dry; so dry that I can easily get bumps on my arms and scales on my legs if I skip moisturizing for a day. The Resist Weightless Body Treatment 2% BHA from Paula’s Choice claims to be unlike other body lotions so, I was excited to give this a try.

This #bodylotion has skin-smoothing benefits that shed built-up layers of dead skin. It has a pH range of 3.5–3.9 and contains salicylic acid (BHA) formulated at a pH range (3.2-3.6) to soften rough, bumpy areas, ease dryness, help clear breakouts from the neck down, stimulate collagen production, and banish dullness for improved skin tone.

To be perfectly honest, I may have trained my self to apply skincare and SPF every day but I have not consistently used body moisturizers. I easily sweat and I don’t like a tacky feeling from a melting moisturizer so I skip it on warmer days. When I got this, I use it in the morning, or if I forget, at night. I put special focus on my bumpy arms, scaly legs, and other rough and dry patches like my knees and elbows.

I like this because if it had a faint medicinal smell, it fades quickly but not as quickly as it sinks into the skin. This feels so lightweight and one of the most easily absorbed moisturizers I’ve ever experienced. On first application, I have noticed instant softness on my skin. After a couple of months of semi-consistent use, it has lessened the bumps on my skin, lightened some of the scars from dried bumps. It has also softened and smoothened my skin, especially the dry patches. I cannot wait to use this more to completely eliminate the bumps. (This product was provided by @paulaschoice and the hut group. Available for $26 at

Founded in 1945, Amore Pacific offers luxury skincare using Asian botanicals. One of the main ingredients they use, green tea, is grown and harvested in the brand’s own green tea field of 35.6 million square feet on Jeju Island. They believe that the first sprouted green tea leaves handpicked before 10 am within the 15 days prior to Grain Rain in early Spring are most potent in color, scent, and vitality, containing an antioxidant 200 times stronger than vitamin E.

Launched just last year, The Essential Creme Fluid is a moisturizer that contains 150 baby green tea leaves to capture green tea polysaccharides, green tea seed oil, and green tea vitamins to fortify and hydrate the skin, improve the skin’s moisture level, and enhance the anti-oxidizing capability of the skin.

The moisturizer has a strong powder smell that doesn’t linger. The fluid is runny and it feels extremely lightweight. It sinks into the skin quickly, leaving it matte with a slight powder finish. It attests to the “fluid” claims, which of course my oily skin likes. This is so light that it’s a good base for a sleeping mask at night. For the morning, I like using this right after a toner and a vitamin c serum. It doesn’t have mattifying capabilities but it helps manage the oil on my skin. Whenever I use this, it leaves the skin soft and supple. Considering the amount (90ml) you get for the price ($98), I’d say this moisturizer would last longer than other moisturizers but, yes, it is definitely an investment. However, people would oily skin would definitely understand how difficult it is to find a morning moisturizer that doesn’t aggravate the oiliness of the skin. (This product was provided by @amorepacific and @tractenberg for review. Available at

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