Makeup Review: Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip

I love testing matte liquid lipsticks because I hardly ever retouch. I would eat and drink anything to see its staying power and color payoff, not because I’m such a good reviewer but because I’m such a lazy person. That’s what I did with the MatteLast Liquid Lip from Pixi Beauty.

The cruelty and paraben free #liquidlipsticks are infused with rosehip oil claims to be a long-wearing matte that’s also comfortable. The brand sent over the entire collection, including the 5 new colors they are offering. I went IN.

What I first noticed is that this is one of the quickest drying liquid lipsticks I ever came across with. It was so quick that I had to apply really slow just to get the lines of my lips right. Thanks to its petal-like applicator that is soft and precise, I was able to get it right the first time. Applying it slowly won’t result in uneven texture and applying it quickly won’t let you create irreparable mistakes. The colors are the same as advertised in their half clear packaging as well. It dries really matte but doesn’t feel like it’s sucking the life out of my lips. I even used this when I had dry lips after getting a cold and this didn’t dry out or lose its matte finish when I used this on top of a lip balm.

I drank coffee and water with these without any fuss. I ate snacks and there’s fading but it faded evenly. There is also a bit of a transfer if your lips are wet. There’s no cracking or anything though. It was after eating lunch (left photo is first application and right photo is after lunch ~ using the shade really rose), when I noticed cracking and fading but that’s to be expected. No matter, I like a comfy matte liquid lipstick and I can’t wait to create my own shade. And at $14, the quality and the comfort that this provides is more than enough.

*These products were provided by @pixibeauty for review. Available for $14 at

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