Brand Overview: Doll Face Beauty

Doll Face Beauty, just by its packaging, seems like your pretty and funny friend who has no makeup looks down pat. As for the actual product, they take a playful approach to skincare using clean formulas but still bring results, as inspired by retro Hollywood.

To restore your natural glow, the Invigorate Triple-Action Facial Cleanser ($16) uses super fruitactiv advanced complex, which contains AHA and citrus enzymes, to refine the skin. It also uses lumiskin, a patented skin brightener.

It’s a gel-type foaming cleanser that feels gentle on the skin and leaves it squeaky clean afterward. It smells sweet and citrusy but not overpowering and it lathers easily. I like using this on days when my skin is not clogged and on days when it just needs a boost. This face cleanser helps brighten and purify my skin. It leaves the skin fresh and light as it doesn’t leave any residue.

The face scrub Brilliance Illuminating Face Polish ($18) promises to buff and blur the skin. It also contains the super fruitactiv advanced complex and uses jojoba beads to exfoliate and refine the skin.

Personally, I prefer face masks than face scrubs because even though my skin is not that sensitive to a lot of ingredients, it easily gets red when use a less than gentle scrub or cleansing tool. The jojoba beads in this scrub is a bit too harsh on my cheek areas so I just strategically scrub on my nose, my chin, and the sides of my forehead. This leaves the skin incredibly smooth after rinsing. My skin felt refined and buffed so I like using this once every two weeks of fully wake up my skin.

The Nourish Anti-Oxidant Protective Moisturizer ($22) aims to keep the skin hydrated, healthy, enriched, and protected by using buriti fruit oil and hyaluronic acid.

This has a clean floral scent and is just light enough for my oily skin. It feels like it has a but of oil in it and it leaves a tacky feeling to the skin so I only use this at night. It only stays tacky for a few minutes. After that, the skin is velvety smooth and sinks in matte. This is best used before a sleeping mask but even without that, I wake up with a less oilier skin that feels plump and hydrated. Honestly, for something so lightweight, this feels so moisturizing. I also like that this pumps out product little by little so you can control how much product you would want to use. This is my favorite out of the bunch and will be extremely useful, especially next summer.

*The Doll Face Beauty Invigorate, Brilliance, and Nourish were provided by @dollfacebeauty and Riot Media Group for review. Available at

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