Brand Overview: Double Dare

Founded in 2017, Double Dare offers targeted treatments that are unique, innovative, and convenient for beauty on-the-go.


They have OMG! Pulling & Peeling Kit ($60/PHP 3137) which contains the OMG! Peeling Gel aimed to slough away dead skin cells and eliminate the build-up of impurities and debris in the pores leaving skin visibly soft and smooth using papaya fruit acid, lemon fruit extract, vitamin c and e, and hyaluronic acid. As instructed, I applied the cream right after cleansing. As I was massaging my face in a circular motion, whitish-grey bits started to form. I assume that this shows the product in action. After washing, my skin felt smooth and taut, but not stretched and tingly. I applied my moisturizer after to coat my freshly exfoliated skin.


It also has the OMG! Pulling Gel, which pulls away stubborn blackheads, exfoliates with strawberry seeds, and dissolves dead skin cells in the T-zone area. It also contains papaya fruit enzyme, hydroxy and glycolic acids, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba seed oil to tighten pores and brighten, refine, hydrate, and smooth the skin. The product itself has a pleasant smell and is quite sticky. As instructed, I massaged it on my nose and T area using the brush, carefully rubbing the product as to not aggravate my already sensitive T zone. The gel is gentle on the skin and does not induce a sharp, tingling sensation. The product cleaned up my pores and left my skin smooth.

Some might enjoy these pulling and peeling gels but I prefer gentler exfoliation on my skin.


Aside from the kit, they also have face mask kits – OMG! Platinum Silver and Platinum Green Facial Mask Kit ($8.5/PHP 443 each) containing colorful peel off masks designed to revive the complexion. Each kit has a Detox Bubbling Mask that has green apple to detoxify, a Peel Off Mask containing chlorella for its antioxidants and laminaria japonica to hydrate, and a Serum Pad that has hydrolyzed collagen to hydrate and lavender to soothe while moisturizing the skin.


I like how this product works for my skin with three end to end steps. It’s handy for travel, it’s not bulky so it’s easy to store and carry around. The Bubble Mask helped in cleansing and relaxing my skin. It formed thick bubbles that made my skin soft and smooth after rinsing. It’s been a while since I last used a peel-off mask. I liked how I easily applied it on my skin. It helped lessen remaining impurities and offer a deep cleanse to my skin. The Serum Pad conveniently worked after I used peel off masks. I used it to remove residue from the masks. It also feels moisturizing afterward. However, I would still prefer to use a moisturizer after using the kit.

The Double Dare OMG! Platinum Silver and Platinum Green Facial Mask Kit and OMG! Pulling&Peeling Kit were provided by Double Dare and Style Korean for review.

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