Brand Overview: Hairstory

When Hairstory reached out to me, I was ecstatic. With over 2 thousand reviews on the New Wash ($40), something good must really be going on. The packaging also didn’t disappoint – clean, direct to the point, and photo-friendly.

I was asked to use this for 30 days to see what it can really do. The first time I used this, I had a bit of a difficulty pumping the product out. Packaging is plastic with no pumping mechanism so, it feels like you’re squeezing out the product. The nozzle is a bit small so, I had to pump two to three times to get enough for my medium length hair.

The consistency is closer to a conditioner than a shampoo, which should already be warning for me. For context, I have fine hair prone to frizz and my scalp can be dry or oily, depending on the product I use. I have to alternate shampoos and conditioners to not further dry out my hair and get a greasy scalp. If I use the same shampoo for three days straight, I get dandruff. If I use the same conditioner for two straight days, my hair will be limp and greasy. I know, sexy.

The first wash, I used it as instructed – I did not use any shampoo. My hair was shiny, bouncy, and not frizzy at all. The second day, my hair was limp, my scalp was oily, and I had a pimple on my back. I never had a pimple on my back so, that was a big deal for me.

I asked my husband to use New Wash to check if I it’s just me. Maybe I’m too sensitive. He loved it. He had no problems using it and he uses it every day until now. I also noticed that his hair has more volume and the curls are more pronounced. He wants it from me and already thinking of getting a backup.

I now use New Wash every other day to get the results I had the first day of using it. I would recommend New Wash to people with fine hair and dry to normal scalp to get the results they claim on the side.

On the other hand, New Wash (Deep) is Hairstory’s answer to shampoos that strip too much of the hair’s natural oils, and to conditioners that just acts as a blanket for whatever damage has been caused by the former.

The instructions on the bottle are simple. A one-step solution to your everyday hair routine; simply pump out an ample amount of the product onto your palm and work into your scalp and ends of your hair. The product is a tad bit greasy and has a very strong smell – you can really pick up on the oil and perhaps other components that they used to arrive at the earthy, almost musty smell. It was rather difficult to lather it up. Foam and bubbles were non-existent, similar to the original New Wash.

I gave it 5 minutes of massaging it into my scalp and running my fingers through the length of my hair before rinsing. The verdict: For what its worth, the product does a very good job at keeping my hair straight and frizz free. My hair is thick, wavy, and disobedient, so for a product to be able to achieve this is a marvelous thing. I would definitely use this on days where the tangles aren’t cooperating and for days when My hair is in need of cleansing.

When I was a kid, I used to envy other girls’ wavy and bouncy hair because all I have was fine, pin-straight hair that couldn’t hold a curl. Enter the magic of sprays that create this beachy, wavy look. I’ve tried a variety of products but Undressed (Déshabillé) ($38) was the one that lasted the longest, 12 hours to be exact.

I spray this on damp hair, bobby-pinned little buns on my head and sprayed again, did my makeup (around 30 mins) then air-dried my now wavy, voluminous hair and sprayed like there’s no tomorrow. There was a lot of product but my hair never felt gritty or dry. It’s just perfectly undone until I went home from work. I’ve also applied this on my straight hair and it volumized my strands and made look like I have more hair than normal. Honestly, this was the best product that I’ve tried from the brand and I would repurchase when it runs out.

I was most hesitant to use the Hair Balm ($36) because I thought it would not be able to befriend my oily scalp. According to the site, the hair balm is like skincare for the hair that moisturizes the strands. It doesn’t make hair feel crunchy, gelled, or lacquered. The words moisture put me off, thinking it would make my already straight hair straighter.

Thankfully, this worked for me. I put two pumps on my palm and run through my damp hair. Once it air dries, I put some on the ends to avoid fly-aways. The pump is also easy to use and the bottle looks cute on my dresser. After using this continuously for weeks, my hair isn’t limp or stiff, just tamed and frizz-free.

Dressed Up ($36) from the #hairstorystudio has immensely helped my top knot. Let’s admit it, a messy bun needs quite an effort for those with too fine a hair. If we don’t put any product on our hair, we look like we rolled around the bed, with hair going to different directions. It’s not publicly acceptable messy, it’s just messy.

For this one, I just work two pumps through my dampy hair, messily put my hair up, and let it dry. It controls my stray hairs and keeps them in place. It also volumizes a bit, making my bun fuller than it really is. Be careful about putting too much, though, as it clumps if not worked in the hair thoroughly.

Similar to a dry shampoo, Powder ($36) from Hairstory is for the wash-and-wear hair. Claiming to prevent oily hair, the Powder promises to create hair volume, extend the life of a hairstyle, beef up braids, and help updos hold up.

This is actually my first time using a hair powder. It was launched at a time when I feel like my hair is looking dull and lifeless. Styling products can help but I needed something that I can use when I’m too tired to style my hair. Something that can easily boost my tresses and still look like I didn’t put too much effort in the morning.

For someone with fine straight, this is really useful. It volumizes the hair from the roots, making my hair appear to full and bouncy hair. It smells like sweet candy and the texture has a certain grip to it. Unlike volumizing sprays, it doesn’t make the hair look untouchable. I like that I can still run through my hair when I use this, making my hair have this certain I woke up like this look. It also doesn’t make my hair greasy and it doesn’t leave powder residue. It just creates a natural-looking volume to the hair. I use this with Undressed to create beachy waves that won’t limp down on me before sundown. This also works for when I do a top knot. I have shoulder length hair so this is what I use to create a full bun, together with Dressed Up.

My only gripe with this is the nozzle. You have to make sure that you get all the powder out before you put this in your purse or else, there will be some light dusting you have to do.

* These products were provided by Hairstory as PR. Want to try? Get a discount code here.

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