Cult Favorite: Heimish All Clean Balm

To be honest, I only found out about the wonders of a cleansing balm when I discovered kbeauty. I was just a normal micellar water person who has to waste countless cotton pads to remove my eye makeup off. Enter cleansing balms and they changed my routine forever.

The All Clean Balm from Heimish is a balm type for your first cleanse and is formulated with hypoallergenic and all-natural ingredients only like shea butter and various botanical extracts like citrus herb oil, coconut extract, and white flower complex to nourish skin while gently removing makeup and other impurities.

My balm has the new flip-top lid with a small spatula, which is genius, if I may say so because I don’t have to find a miniature spoon to scoop the product out. Upon my first application, I like the texture of the balm itself – not too oily and messy and not too dry. Just the perfect texture to apply on the skin. The earthy herbal scent put me off at first but I got used to it. Has an oilier texture than the other kbeauty balms I’ve used but has a nice slip to it, it doesn’t drip or run, something I’ve experienced with other balms and oils. It transforms into a silky texture that feels gentle and lightweight as I massage it into my skin. It emulsifies as I rinsed and it was able to remove even my full coverage foundation and my heavy and waterproof eye makeup. It takes about two to three rinses before it’s completely off but I like how this doesn’t leave a film and just left my skin soft, not dry or greasy.

Sometimes, products are hyped for a reason. It does its job perfectly while taking care of your skin.

The Heimish All Clean Balm was provided by stylekorean global for review. Available for $18.50 at

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