Cult Favorite: I’m From Ginseng Serum

Ginseng is a staple in Korea. It has been known to be used for improving overall health, strengthen the immune system, and help fight off stress and diseases. I have never tried it orally but not I’ve tried it as a skincare ingredient.

The Ginseng Serum from I’m From contains promises to enhance blood circulation and replenish nutrients to the skin. It uses 7.98% ginseng extract created in Geumsan Country in Korea to increase elasticity and help purify the skin.

This is a viscous gel-like serum that applies thick onto the skin. I have oily skin and I usually steer clear from thick products. Yes, this is thick but it doesn’t feel blocking or suffocating with applied to the skin. It smells like ginseng and the scent lasts for a bit as it dries to a thin, slightly tacky film. I know it sounds a bit icky but this is one of the most nourishing serums I’ve tried. I never knew my oily skin would enjoy something like this until I tried it. I feel like this compliments the treatment serums I apply beforehand and helps my moisturizer in hydrating my skin. Like it helps reenergize my complexion after using a strong acid beforehand. I feel like this is equivalent to some of the face oils I use, with less fuss in terms of absorption. After about a month of use, I have noticed that this helps plump and nourish my skin and have come to like using this after using a tingly active or some deep exfoliating.

The I’m From Ginseng Serum was provided by I’m From and Wishtrend for review. Available for $28.80 (now on sale at $21.60) at

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