Cult Favorite: Tulura Revealing Botanical Oil Cleanser

Cleansing is one of the favorite parts of my skincare routine so I was really excited to get the Revealing Botanical Oil Cleanser from Tulura.

Using naturally sourced ingredients without fillers, artificial fragrances, animal testing, the cleansing oil promises to be a gentle cleanser for all skin types. It contains salicylic oil and tea tree to remove impurities, makeup, pollutants, and excess oil. This oil cleanser promises to cleanse the skin while moisturizing it. It doesn’t contain parabens, fragrances, synthetic preservatives, and water or thickeners.

I honestly love the packaging. It looks sleek and minimal but it’s also smart as it plastic so you can carry it around without fear of breaking it. This oil is on the thicker side but feels lighter on the skin than expected. It was able to remove makeup and sunscreen and takes less massaging to remove mascara and eye makeup compared to the other oil cleansers of the same consistency, at least the ones that I have tried. I love how relaxing and soothing the oil feels as I massage it on my skin. The oil feels nourishing and once rinsed, doesn’t leave a filmy feeling. They advise to remove this with a washcloth but this can also be rinsed with water.

The Tulura Revealing Botanical Oil Cleanser was provided by Tulura. Available for $64 at

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