Brand Overview: Prim Botanicals The Face Oil, Potion N°2, and Hey Now Lip Sheen

Raised in the Philippines and based New York, Prim Botanicals is an all-natural beauty and lifestyle brand crafted to care for even the most sensitive skin. Their products are cruelty-free using plant-based ingredients and are made without parabens, glutens, and dyes.

The Face Oil ($60) promises to soothe sensitivities, prevent both blemishes and congestion, reduce inflammation, and restore radiance using cold pressed sea buckthorn, black cumin seed, wild moringa from the Philippines, Polynesian tamanu, and African marula.

The face oil is contained in a glass spray bottle. I like using this especially on days when my skin feels dehydrated. I also like how it gives me an extra boost of hydration and how it would always help me wake up to glowing skin in the morning. However, I find that my skin doesn’t absorb the oil quickly and would always leave me with a greasy finish so I like mixing it with my moisturizer.

The Potion N°2 ($26) aims to hydrate, soothe, and heal the rashes, dryness, burns, and bites using andiroba oil and wildcrafted pracaxi and virgin marula oil. The oil is contained in a small glass bottle. It’s only 7.35 ml or .25 fl oz so, it’s pretty small. I use this at night on my face or to just spot-treat some areas with acne and dark marks. I like using this on the dry patches on my body, which double during these colder months as it helps to moisturize and soothe them overnight.

My favorite, The Hey Now Lip Sheen ($22), is a deep berry lip stain made with raw Manuka honey, red raspberry seed oil, nourishing virgin coconut oil. This has a reddish tint but when worn, it almost looks like I’m not wearing anything in terms of color. It offers a bit of a balmy sheen but what I like best is that it gives me a much better version of my lips – a healthier, even looking version. It also has moisturizing benefits though that only lasts as long as the sheen stays on your lips. I like this because it moisturizes my lips, it feels so lightweight, and it looks good on my skin tone.

The Prim Botanicals The Face Oil, Potion N°2, and Hey Now Lip Sheen were provided by @primbotanicals. Available at

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