Makeup Review: Pixi Beauty PixiGlow Cake in GildedBare Glow and PinkChampagne Glow

Recently, I’ve been focusing on getting a glowing complexion so these humongous PixiGlow Cakes from Pixi Beauty came just right in time.

These highlighter/bronzer/blush palette is light-diffusing and promises to help achieve a naturally healthy and radiant complexion. It contains ceramides to help restore the skin’s moisture barrier, peptides to plump and firm, and grapeseed extract to improve elasticity. It comes in two variants – the PinkChampagne Glow which is a blend of rosé, hot pink and hazelnut and the GildedBare Glow which has sand, coral and taupe colors.

As you know, I’m not really a fan of powder products even though I have oily skin. This, however, is an exception. Most powder blushes look unnatural on my skin but this one doesn’t. It must be the shimmers. It doesn’t make my skin look too shiny but the finely-milled shimmers help compliment the gradient pigments of this palette, making it look natural and well-blended on my skin. Those with visible pores should be careful though as this emphasize the look of pores and textures.

The PinkChampagne Glow contains a blush that is a rosier version of my cream blush. If I want to look bright and rosy, I focus on the blush’s middle part on my cheeks or brush across the pan for a more glowing look. I like using this every day like a pop of color on my cheeks.

The GildedBare Glow has a more muted color variation. I like using it if I’m going for a monochromatic look or when I want my lip color to be the focus of my look. This is always useful for that no-makeup makeup looks because, for my medium skin, it looks almost unnoticeable and just give off that healthy plump looking complexion.

I also like that the pans look humongous as it looks like it would last me months as well. I’ve had it for a month and a half and it doesn’t look like I’ve made a dent. However, I feel like the ceramides, peptides, and grapefruit extract help but you should still use a skincare product to help plump and firm the skin.

The Pixi Beauty PixiGlow Cake in GildedBare Glow and PinkChampagne Glow were provided by @pixibeauty. Available for $28 each at

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