Makeup Review: Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation

I received the newly-launched Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation from Laura Mercier from Influenster and I was excited because I am into dewy finishes recently yet hesitant because is still oily and it won’t change anytime soon. Or ever.

This promises to be a #longwearfoundation that delivers a glowing finish, improved natural luminosity within 1 week as it contains vitamin Just want to let you know that I received the package already, and 15-hour hydration using silver ear mushroom.

Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation in Latte

For someone with oily skin, this is actually the first time I’m trying a radiant-finish foundation. The first time I tried this, I was apprehensive so I really packed on all the mattifying products I could find. As expected, the foundation feels lightweight on the skin and applies really thinly. I have the shade Latte, which suits my skin perfectly. Honestly, I just have a knack for ordering online, I don’t know why. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to find a shade that is just perfect for my skin tone.

It has a skin-like finish and doesn’t cover the texture of the skin so it still looks really natural. I also tried using this without going overboard with the mattifiers and got the same glowy finish. It does feel kind of tacky though, especially when paired with a thick moisturizer. I know this got mixed reviews but for my skin, this does the trick of providing a medium skin-like coverage for the whole workday, especially when paired with a hydrating but thin or gel moisturizer. My skin felt oily after four hours but it doesn’t look like it. It doesn’t move around or pill as long as I use my skincare products with thinner consistencies. I can kind of back the luminosity after two weeks claim because my skin has been looking healthy lately. It’s not the main cause because I am also using skincare products but it did help. As for the hydration, I think you should fully depend on a foundation to hydrate the skin.

Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation hour 1

Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation hour 4

I like this for days when I want a fresh, radiant finish to my makeup. I like this as an everyday foundation, for that I woke up after a full 8-hour sleep look. Also, it’s the first time in a long time that my husband told me my foundation looks different but good when I got home the first time I used this, which accounts for the foundation’s finish after 12 hours.

The Laura Mercier Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation was provided by @lauramercier @Influenster. Available for $48 at @sephora and

#contest #complimentary

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