Cult Favorite: Sachajuan Ocean Mist

For years, I’ve been trying to perfect that easy to do yet long lasting beachy waves. I am not for curlers, perms, or waking up a few hours earlier to look effortless. In short, I was looking for a miracle. And it has been going fine. I have a few texturizing sprays in the rotation that do the job. Never perfect but isn’t that the very essence of beachy waves, the imperfection of it all? A few limp strands after a few hours or crunchy hair parts or product build up here and there?

Well, Sachajuan corrected me.

The Ocean Mist promises to add texture and while adding texture, creating a tousled and textured appearance with just a few spritzes.

12 hours with the Sachajuan Ocean Mist

This mist smells exactly like the ocean. It leaves a bit of crunchiness on the hair without the stiffness and without the product residue when you comb it with your fingers. It creates the perfect balance of smoothness, softness, and volume to the hair for the perfect beachy strands.

I use this after putting my hair into a bun. After an hour, I get subtle beachy waves that look natural. It doesn’t clump the hair and leave an odd strand sticking together in certain areas. It just looks effortless and natural. It also lasts the whole day. I was out one day, with my beachy waves made with only this mist and two buns held for 2 hours, and the volume and waves held on from 11 am to midnight. I am not kidding when I say not one product has done it for me like that. The longest I had before this was 6 hours before I saw waves start to die down. This is just amazing. Some of my colleagues even asked if I got a perm and my husband even asked if when went to the salon to get my hair done. That’s how good it is.

I want a jug.

The Sachajuan Ocean Mist was provided by @sachajuan and @yourcalissa. Available for £18 at

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