Skincare Review: Dr. Brandt Neck Sculpting Cream

The Neck Sculpting Cream from Dr. Brandt is so extra that it piqued my curiosity. Mostly because of the meme circulating before about women having products specifically for their elbows. I wasn’t expecting to receive this in PR but was happy to review it, of course. It’s not every day you get a product for a part of your skin that you rarely ever give attention to.

I’m not yet at that age where I pay attention and check if I have a waddling turkey neck or not. My double chin and fats will take care of that. Love the gua sha that it came with, though. I had this gua sha shape before and loved it but broke it on first use.

Back to the neck cream. This neck rejuvenation cream and skincare tool promise to leave the neck and jaw area looking more toned, sculpted and smooth while increasing the feeling of firmness. It targets the lines below the neck caused by constantly looking down at your phones.

The cream has a lighter consistency compared to creamy moisturizers mostly targeted for those with dry skin types. Nevertheless, the cream feels lightweight and has a silky texture. It applies thinly on the neck and doesn’t completely dry, which I hate because whenever I feel warm, my neck is the first one that sweats. I only apply this at night because there’s no use applying it on the morning as it will be removed the minute I step out of the house. It does moisturize the neck area; the texture and consistency of the cream match the recommended gua sha massage. Meaning it’s not creamy enough for the gua sha to make it move around and not thin enough that massaging it with a gua sha would hurt. After a month of use, as expected, my neck felt firm and moisturized. However, I feel like a moisturizer can do its job without shelling out another $95 from a product that firms and moisturizes. I am not just the target market for this one.

The Dr. Brandt Neck Sculpting Cream was provided by @drbrandt. Available at


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