Makeup Review: Orcé Come Closer (Foundation for Asian Skin)

Even before launching, I have read about Orcé promising a foundation suited for Asian skin. Their site featured Asian women from all ethnicities, representing both the light and dark shades of Asian skin, a rare sight in the makeup landscape. There were no further details, just a promise, and a few photos, but it’s enough to make this Filipina with oily skin interested and excited.

Will I finally be able to have a foundation that will look and feel like second skin for the whole day without making me look too matte or too oily? Will it suit both my oily skin and the tropical climate I am in?

The Leaping Bunny Certified foundation contains hyaluronic acid to boost moisture, tahitian pearls to nourish, and evodia rutaecarpa for its antioxidants to address concerns like oiliness, water-loss, hyperpigmentation, and vulnerability to environmental pollutants. It also promises to improve the appearance of the skin, boost radiance, smooth imperfections, and even skin tone.

When I finally got my hands on the Orcé Come Closer Foundation in shade Novae, which is for medium or sun-kissed skin with a warmer undertone, I saw the color of the foundation up close and it made me smile. I have never seen such a balance of my shade in a warm undertone. I immediately knew it would provide coverage on both the darker and redder areas of my face.

I was right.

This cruelty-free, fragrance-free, oil-free, and paraben-free foundation has a dewy and radiant finish with medium but buildable coverage. It’s a look that I don’t usually go for but I also want to look dewy and radiant from time to time. What I like about this foundation is that upon application, you can feel their claim of combining skincare and makeup. It feels moisturizing on the skin but not heavy. It applies smooth and light, almost like a creamy serum. Like I actually feel confident just applying a hydrating toner and serum beforehand. It also provides a radiant finish and it was able to even the color of my skin. I only had to apply concealer on the one fresh pigmentation on my chin and under my eyes.

However, I didn’t feel like this addressed oiliness or at least my level of oiliness unlike the long-wearing and mattifying foundations I usually go for. When the weather is warm, this doesn’t last that long and it can make my skin look really oily. On a warm day, it also tends to transfer on my blotting paper and sometimes on my clothes. I tried using this over a variety of skincare and SPF products but I got the same results. If I don’t blot after 3 hours and forget to powder, I will see errant foundation buildup on my forehead in the afternoon.

One thing to note though, my friend complimented me one afternoon while wearing this and told me I was glowing. Not shiny, which is what he always says, but glowing. I forgot to blot and retouch that day. However, it was raining.

So, yes, I felt like this suited my Asian skin better than most of my foundation and it made me glow. For a few hours. So, I would want to try a semi-matte version of this to suit how my oily skin reacts to a warm day.

The Orcé Come Closer in Novae was provided by @orce and @mbapartners. Available for $89 at

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