Cult Favorite: Marvis Toothpaste

Who knew a toothpaste could be so hyped up it reaches cult status?

Made in Florence, Italy, Marvis promises to provide fresh breath through a rich and creamy toothpaste that removes plaque and helps prevent tooth decay while packed in a vintage looking tube. Their toothpaste, which has graced multiple shelfies and bathroom photos, are also vegan, cruelty-free and are made without fluoride, paraben, and gluten.

The Classic Mint Toothpaste ($10.50 for 75ml) has an enticing peppermint flavor. This is classic for a reason. It’s the right kind of mint, not too subtle that you can’t feel or taste it after gargling and not too strong that it stings. I get why people like it especially with having so many options and mint flavors out there, it’s nice to get an old-school taste that you know will work.

The Whitening Mint Toothpaste ($7.50 for 25ml) carries the same minty taste plus whitening benefits. It does brighten my teeth a bit without having to use this as a treatment. It doesn’t sting or tingle.

Marvis toothpaste honestly doesn’t offer better cleansing benefits compared to generic toothpaste but they are just so nice to use. They are gentle and offer the right kind of flavor that last long. Also, the packaging is just to die for.

The Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste and Whitening Mint Toothpaste were provided by @marvis @cobigelow and @tractenbergandco. Available at

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