Brand Overview: Agent Nateur

I have always stalked Agent Nateur so I was really excited to try their products. Using handmade formulas that are free of GMO’s, soy, parabens, sulfates, aluminum, and petroleum, their products aim to nourish and heal.

The Holi(Rose) ($26) was created with Shiva Rose using sandalwood and rose. This deodorant smells amazing. Just the right kind of clean floral that I always look for in scents. It also feels silky and it doesn’t stain. Unfortunately, this didn’t match me. It’s deodorizing benefits only lasts on my sweaty pits for about half a day even when I’m just in the office.

A new favorite, the Holi(Water) ($88) promises to exfoliate, plump, tighten, brighten, and firm using wildcrafted bulgarian rose water, hyaluronic acid, pitaya, and cucumber toner. This face toner smells like a floral aromatherapy oil and leaves the skin satiny smooth. It’s watery and sinks in quickly onto the skin. It also feels gentle, smooth, and hydrating. Used day or night, its runny but viscous consistency worked really well on my oily skin.

In powder form, the Holi(C) ($120) claims to be a topical #antiaging powder that helps brighten, tighten, and even the complexion using french patented calcium, and sodium ascorbyl phosphate. It’s meant to be mixed with the Holi(Water) to apply. This is a really weird product for me that’s why I wanted to try it. I have been adding this with the toner and even though I have seen how this helped brighten my skin, I may have to use this more to see its tightening benefits. What I really like about this is I think this would last me longer compared to oil and water based vitamin c products that oxidize after a few months.

The Holi(Oil) ($120) aims to be a hydrating, non-greasy, antiaging face oil that provides radiance, brightness, and firmness to the skin with wildcrafted bulgarian rose, calcium, organic oryza sativa, organic rosehip oil, and organic helichrysum. This is another product I fell in love with. It’s light with a rose scent that feels relaxing. The oil is a bit dense so there’s a bit of a slip while applying it. It doesn’t feel too tacky as I leave it but you can still feel the oil’s weight, just not as heavy as other oils, which definitely works for me. It also doesn’t sit on top of my skin, which is what happens when I use face oils. It sinks in and leaves the skin silky. I use this at night and I wake up with bright and hydrated skin that isn’t oily.

Since I’ve been to hydration lately, I fell in love with the Holi(Water) and the Holi(Oil) immediately. Together they helped keep my face hydrated and bright without making my skin oily. An impossible feat especially that it’s getting warmer.

Shaving is my preferred way of removing hair. One, because I do not like waxing. Two, I am too lazy and shaving is just the easiest way to do it. However, I am also not the most careful of people so having products to help me shave is important.

The Holi(Skin) Shave Oil ($42) uses the base of Holi(Oil), which is one of the face oils I usually use, in combination with calendula and chamomile to calm the skin, coconut to make the oil foam when mixed with water, and grapefruit and sandalwood for the scent. The #shaveoil is pretty easy to use as it applies easily and it doesn’t feel to tacky. It emulsifies into a milky lather and helps smoothen the shaving process. What I like about it though is how moisturized and hydrated my skin feels afterward that I don’t feel the need to apply a moisturizer.

They also sent the Holy(Youth) The Oceanic Adaptogen, which honestly put me off first because I don’t know what it is and it smells fishy. The adaptogenic blend can be mixed with hot water, teas, smoothies, or juices or as a face mask to promote radiance. It contains basil, pearl powder, spirulina, and marine collagen. This is not for everyone as it has a really fishy taste and smell. For me, the powder is a bit difficult to dissolve but it does provide this calming feeling after a few sips and easily detoxifies so I like drinking this at night before sleeping.

The Agent Nateur Holi(Rose), Holi(Water), Holi(C), Holi(Oil) Holi(Skin) Shave Oil, and Holy(Youth) The Oceanic Adaptogen were provided by @agentnateur. Available at

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