Brand Overview: Aqulabo

Launched in 2018, Aqulabo combines water and science, focusing on skin hydration using EWG green grade ingredients. I’m all for hydration recently, especially with the weather getting warmer and warmer so I was really excited to try this one. #kbeauty products never seem to let me down whenever my skin needs hydration, plumping, and softening so, my expectations were really high on this one.

So far, they only have to products. One is the Jelly Mist ($32), a gel-to-liquid face mist that promises to open up the absorption pathway of the skin to boost the effectiveness of skincare products while adjusting the pH balance of your skin and strengthening skin barrier using an amino acid complex, liposomal ceramide, and omija.

They weren’t kidding on the gel-to-liquid formula. It looks like jelly inside the bottle but feels and looks like water once dispensed on the skin. It doesn’t have a strong distinguishable smell, which I love, and it wasn’t heavy on the face. The spritz might be a tad too strong but the actual product doesn’t feel sticky or runny. It’s not messy at all and the mist doesn’t go everywhere. The actual mist feels soft and gentle on the skin and it sinks in quickly. I used this as a face toner in the morning as it gives my face enough hydration throughout the day. It also works well with other skincare and makeup products and leaves my skin feel soft and plump.

The Oh! Very Bright Mask ($3), on the other hand, aims to brighten and even out skin tone with niacinamide, centella asiatica, and licorice root extract, and omija. It also uses an air fit sheet mask.

This mask is fitted right onto my face and they have a cooling sensation, which is always welcome. I loved to use them daily as I watch my favorite series. The essence is viscous enough for the mask not to slide down. I love how it not only hydrates my face, leaving it soft, plump, and bouncy, it also brightened my skin. It leaves my skin looking soft, radiant, and even.

I tend to like a lot of products as long as they deliver what they promise to do but rarely do I find products that check all the boxes they claim to check. These are also inexpensive and travel-friendly. These products would be great for those looking to hydrate and brighten their skin using natural ingredients. I will definitely watch out the products this brand would launch moving forward.

The Aqulabo Jelly Mist and Oh! Very Bright Mask were provided by @aqulabo. Available at

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