Skincare Review: Frank Body Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil, Anti-Drama Face Mask, and Anti-Angry Face Mist

Aside from their amazing coffee scrubs, Frank Body also mades skincare products. Their Antis promise to for those who want to have clear skin without the BS.

Using coffee, grapeseed oil, and BHA, the Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil ($23.95) promises to dissolve dirt and makeup while keeping the skin soft and clear.

This cleansing oil feels heavier and more viscous than most cleansing oils. You would require more oil to remove makeup but I like its dense consistency. It feels more hardworking somehow. Another unique thing about this is it doesn’t lather or form into a milky consistency when you massage it with water. It just stays colorless. It effectively removes light makeup and it doesn’t leave a residue when rinsed with water, which I found surprising because of its texture.

If you love their body scrubs, the Anti-Drama Face Mask ($21.95) will make you smile. It feels creamy on the skin. It’s also gentle and doesn’t tighten or pull as it dries.

It applies gray and clay mask-like but dries skin-like. After 10mins, it would be difficult to see if you really applied a face mask on. It rinses easily and leaves the skin devoid of any oil. I got a bit dry on the cheek area but the rest of my face felt smooth and velvety. You would love this if you want a gentle, detoxifying mask (it has kaolin but it also has chamomile, honey, primrose oil, and lavender) and loved that trademark coffee scent.

The Anti-Angry Face Mist ($14.95) contains rosewater, aloe, coffee seed extract to cool down the skin, reduce redness, soothe irritation, and soften the complexion.

This face mist tingles a bit upon the first spritz but it leaves the skin relaxed and cool. I like using this to wet my makeup sponge or makeup brush as it blends well with my makeup. It has a cooling sensation making it also a good option if you need a midday refresher.

The Frank Body Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil, Anti-Drama Face Mask, and Anti-Angry Face Mist were provided by @frankbod. Available at

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