Makeup Review: Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Stylo Shadow Stick Matte Metallics and L’Absolu Lip Lacquer

I have always gone for neutral shades but it’s nice to kick it up a little from time to time so it was fun when Lancôme gifted me their Ombre Hypnôse Stylo Shadow Stick Matte Metallics and L’Absolu Lip Lacquer.

The Ombre Hypnose Stylo Eye Shadow Stick promises to be a creamy and pigmented eyeshadow stick and liner that can last up to 24 hours. It also comes with a self-sharpener so it’s easy to sharpen and polish even when you’re on the go. I have the shades 26 Or Rose, 27 Bronze, 28 Rubis, 30 Amethyste, 31 Blue Chrome, 32 Onyx, and 34 Monogold.

Shadow sticks, like all other makeup sticks, are an instant like in my book. They are easy to carry around, can be disguised as a pen or a pill box or whatever I wanted to lie about, and are basically foolproof. These eyeshadows sticks look and feel creamy but don’t let that make you lazy. These sticks stick. I took my time the first time as I usually know shadows like this can be blended even after I drink my morning coffee but no, I was only able to blend the edges a bit. I was smarter the second time. I usually go for Rubis and Onyx but add some colored liner if I’m feeling funky. Since it sticks, it lasts longer than most sticks as well, even without a primer and that’s rare for my oily lids. I have a bunch stored in my office for when I’m feeling bored or when I have a fun dinner to go to afterward.

Adding to my very small gloss collection, the L’Absolu Lip Lacquer aims to deliver comfort, shine, pigment, and lasting power. I have the shades 468 Rose Revolution, 168 Rose Rouge, 328 Smile & Shine, 193 Rose Talisman, 306 Infra – Rose, 492 Celebration, 515 Be Happy.

This delivers the lacquer gloss promise. They are all sticky but in a balmy way. I also like that it only gives the right amount of shine. Being a teenager in the early 00s, I have seen the same shine from glosses we have reserved now for highlighters so, those in my age will know what I’m talking about. The level of shine and stickiness is something I would like to leave behind. This doesn’t do that, thankfully. Infra-Rose is nude for me with a subtle pink hue and the Rose Rouge is a deep color I like using for nights out. These shades are long-lasting, a few drinks won’t wipe this off, and they feel moisturizing even after the gloss is wiped out by my food from lunch.

The Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Stylo Shadow Stick Matte Metallics and L’Absolu Lip Lacquer were provided by @LancomeOfficial and @octoly. Available at

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