Skincare Review: Sonne Product 01: Face Set

Aiming to protect and moisturize the skin in two steps, Sonne (pronounce as “sun”) only has two products – Sonne Morning and Evening. Both products promise to combat sun exposure, dry skin, wrinkles, and dark circles. They are also vegan, cruelty-free, and are free of gluten, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

Sonne Morning is a natural daily defense moisturizer. It’s a physical sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 50. It contains zinc oxide, red algae, vitamin c, and vitamin e.

This product brings out a cleaner, fresher, and glowing look to my face. It doesn’t feel tacky and dries out quickly. Incorporating this into my daytime skincare routine has helped me achieve a smoother complexion. It has a gentle formula and smells great. Also, my skin feels instantly hydrated and moisturized after each use. It does feel greasy, however, at times when I sweat too much.

Sonne Evening, on the other hand, is a nightly restorative brightening lotion with vitamin c, squalene, orange fruit extract, and peptides. Just like the morning cream, this one is non-greasy and dries out fast. It also doesn’t leave an oily film at all. It smells nice and does well in leaving my skin hydrated and moisturized overnight. I never wake up to a dull skin while on this.

The Sonne Product 01: Face Set was provided by @sonneskincare . Available as a set for $55 at

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