Makeup Review: Trestique Tinted Face Stick and Concealer Crayon

As a person who will sacrifice food, looking alive, and being on time for sleep, the need for quick fixes and fool-proof products is as important as door-to-door delivery of anything and everything.

That’s how I met Trestique, a brand who aims to create makeup that is simple, no-fuss, long-lasting, and time-saving. Their products all have a magnetic seal to avoid accidents inside your purse and all products come with its own applicator so, you don’t have to bring brushes or sponges. The products are also cruelty-free and free of synthetic fragrances, D5, petrochemicals, and talc.

Their Tinted Face Stick ($30) promises to be a cream-gel tinted moisturizer for that no-makeup makeup look. It has a sheer to medium, buildable coverage and contains coconut oil to hydrate the skin. I love how this applies – it’s sheer and a bit powdery but doesn’t appear matte and I can build on the coverage and get it to medium coverage on areas I need to in order to even my complexion. I have the shade, Tulum Nude, and it suits my skin tone perfectly. It applies thinly and feels lightweight but the actual product is a bit sturdy. It can be quickly buffed with the sponge applicator it came with or blended. I found out, however, that this applies like second skin when you mist beforehand or wet the applicator. It also stays on longer. It’s not matte and full coverage so, I will still need to reapply after about four hours because I will have a shiny t-zone after a few hours but the actual product makes it easier to do that.

The Concealer Crayon ($24) is a gel-like cream concealer that promises to be long-lasting and be flexible in terms of coverage. It’s huge and pencil like and the actual product is as sturdy as the foundation. It’s also best blended with the applicator it came with. It tried using a brush with this one and I found that it wasn’t able to blend the concealer as smoothly. Those who are not fans of applying makeup with have an easy time using this because the pencil-size is easy to grip making blending easy. However, it’s not as long-lasting as I would like and I noticed that this doesn’t blend as smooth if my under-eye area isn’t moisturized. I stay in an air-conditioned room most of the day and when my eye area dries up, the concealer would crease or settle on the lines in that area. If I’m having a good eye day, though, this will stay on and not emphasize the lines under my eyes.

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Skincare Review: Lixirskin Electrogel Cleanser and Soft Clay Rubber

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they don’t have time for a skincare routine after a long day at work. For the skincare community, I know, the horror. However, I kind of get it. There are also days that I can’t, or at least don’t want, to be bothered my usual full routine before calling it a day.

Created for the busy people who like skincare but do not like lengthy routines, Lixirskin offers universal and multi-tasking, but pretty-looking, products for everyday use.

A cleanser and a mask in one product, the Electrogel Cleanser, (£25) has a creamy and milky consistency. It works as a cleanser and a mask so after massaging it on your face, you can leave it for a minute. The name of this face cleanser comes from the negatively charged electrogel that it has to go dissolve makeup and dirt. It’s meant to be applied with damp hands, massaged for a minute, then left on for another minute before removing it with a cleansing cloth. It can also be used as a face mask when applied to dry skin and left on for three minutes.

It feels more like a moisturizer and as a cleanser, it amazingly didn’t leave a filmy residue. I like how gentle it feels on the skin but it effectively removes dirt and makeup. It also doesn’t strip the skin of oils and leaves it soft. I rinse this with water, as I have always preferred, so this acts as a first cleanser for me.

A quick use face mask, the Soft Clay Rubber (£28) has a rubbery consistency and texture. It’s a rub-off formula that combines enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation for the skin. It has keratolytic enzymes to break down the keratin of dead cells that blocks pores and white clay to clear congestion, draw out impurities, and reduce excess sebum.

This is a quick mask fix as it only takes a few minutes to apply and rinse. It feels a bit warm on the skin and gives a tingling sensation for a few seconds. It dries matte and rubbery but surprisingly rinses off so easy. It strips the skin of oils, which I like, and leaves it smooth and deeply cleansed. This would be a great mask for those long days or if you’re traveling and need a quick routine but also need some detoxifying.

I like how gentle both these products feel on the skin while to helps cleanse and exfoliate it. They are good skincare options for deep cleansing and purifying without leaving the skin tight or dry. I also like the compact and travel-friendly packaging making it easy to bring them around.

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Skincare Review: Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser and Explorer Blend Facial Oil

Oilixia is a natural beauty brand that is inspired by the founder’s discovery of a variety of oils and extracts in her travels around the world. Their products are also made with natural ingredients, are cruelty-free and are vegan-friendly.

The Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser (£24) contains Kakadu Plum extract, which is a potent source of Vitamin C. It also contains macadamia and eucalyptus oils to nourish and cleanse the skin.

Since it has a gummy texture, it easily grips to the skin to remove dirt and makeup. It feels gentle on the skin and despite the texture, I was surprised as to how easy it was to rinse. It has a fresh and relaxing scent that leaves the skin feeling deeply cleansed and refreshed. As a matter of preference, I favor foaming cleansers more but I think those with dry skin would like how this cleanses the skin without stripping it.

The Explorer Blend Facial Oil (£43) has cacay oil to smooth and brighten, paracress plant to firm, tomato fruit extract to bright, protect, and even skin tone. It also has 18 naturally sourced oils like apricot, argan, camellia, rosehip, passion seed, and jojoba, to give skin a potent dose of vitamins, antioxidants, and omegas.

I was honestly expecting this to be heavy and tacky but this face oil is amazingly lightweight. It also gets easily absorbed in the skin and it doesn’t leave the skin tacky after application. This is my go-to oil for cheat days. I can always do the multi-step skincare routine every day due to exhaustion, stress, and just pure laziness. So this is what I use on days when I just can’t be bothered. I cleanse, sometimes mask, then slap this on and call it a night. I would still wake up and hydrated and moisturized skin afterward.

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Skincare Review: Yon-Ka Gel Nettoyant, Masque 103, and Lotion Yon-Ka PS

Using the Yon-Ka Quintessence, French skincare brand Yon-Ka combines fundamental essential oils in all their products: geranium to balance, rosemary to detoxify and firm, cypress to refine, and thyme to purify. Their products are also cruelty-free and do not contain parabens, aluminum salts, SLS, MIT, and triclosan.

The Gel Nettoyant ($40) feels gentle but feels hardworking. It doesn’t foam or lather but cleanses the skin thoroughly. Recommend for oily skin, this face cleanser also contains iris root, red seaweed to soften, hydrate, and purify the skin.

I like how it leaves the skin squeaky clean but not tight or dry. My skin just feels smooth and hydrated after every wash. I like this as a morning cleanser because it’s gentle but deeply cleansing.

Containing three kinds of clay (montmorillonite, bentonite, and kaolin) the Masque 103 ($48) promises to clear and purify the skin with the help of borneol, serpolet, and essential oils.

The face mask looks really creamy so I easily assumed it would be gentle despite the detoxifying and purifying claim. So, I was pleasantly surprised as to how cooling it feels on the skin. It also tightens a bit as it hardens but my skin likes it that way. After rinsing, my skin was fresher and clearer without leaving it tight or extremely dry.

The Lotion Yon-Ka PS ($42) this feels hydrating as it uses plant glycerin on top of the blend of essential oils the brand uses on their products. It has a very viscous consistency, almost like an essence, and it has a fresh sweet scent. The face toner has a mist applicator and it dispenses conservatively so you would need four to five spritzes to get enough to cover the skin. I didn’t mind, though because, at 200 ml, this will last me for more than three months. I like spraying this in the middle of the afternoon for a boost of hydration.

These products are gentle and hydrating to oily skin and if you’re a fan of essential oils, this will be a good option for you. My fave, however, is the Masque 103 as it deeply detoxifies my skin without the harsh feeling.

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Brand Overview: Salt By Hendrix

Australian-made and cruelty-free, Salt by Hendrix offers vegan skincare that nurtures the skin.

Don’t be fooled by the calming light blue color and inviting jelly texture of the Crystal Waters Mask ($45). This girl stings. It promises to intensely hydrate, brighten, and even the tone of the skin using d-panthenol, pentavitin, kakadu plum extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera powder. Luckily, my face is not that sensitive and I only felt tingling on the first swipe. It doesn’t hurt so I pulled through it and the tingling sensation was replaced with a cooling one after a few seconds. It has a runny texture so some dripping might occur but it’s not that messy, just a few on the nose area because of the curves. Thankfully, none down the neck. I like using this after doing some intense exfoliation to prevent dehydrating my skin.

First off, the Botanical Facial Serum ($45) looks like an oil. It’s not, it’s actually watery with a certain viscosity to it. It promises to soften fine line and enhance the skin using aloe leaf juice, panthenol, citric acid, kakadu plum extract, and flame tree extract. This is a good everyday serum for me as it provides a good base for my actives. It feels nourishing despite the lightweight texture and I like that it dries easily. I can use it morning or night, which is not usually the case for my serums. I have seen this help with fine lines but this offered additional hydration and nourishment to my skin, especially after using actives.

The Nourish + Revive Oil ($35) has a fruity smell and my skin just absorbs this so quickly. Even when applied, this doesn’t feel tacky at all. Promising to soothe, hydrate, rejuvenate, and restore the skin using rosehip, argan, marula, almond, orange sweet, and cedarwood atlas oils, this #bodyoil was able to moisturize my dry patches in just two days of use and kept it soft even after a few days of use. My skin just responded to the mix of oils this has.

For some color and care, Cocolips ($24) contains coconut oil, castor oil, carnauba wax, cocoa butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter to hydrate the lips all day long.

I have the shade Ruby and it’s a subtle red shade that dries matte but doesn’t feel drying. I like that it comes in a tub so I can easily control how red I want my lips to be.

Using these products were a nice experience for me and I enjoyed using everything especially the face mask, the serum, and the body oil as they nourished and hydrated my skin.

The Salt By Hendrix Crystal Waters Mask, Botanical Facial Serum, Nourish + Revive Oil, and Cocolips were provided by @saltbyhendrix and @beachhousepr. Available at