Cult Favorite: Paula’s Choice Power Berry Serum

Living in the city makes my skin exposed to a lot of environmental stressors. Having skincare from me from those was a foreign concept for me until I saw results. Antioxidants provide me healthier-looking skin that’s not prone to clogging and dullness.

That’s why I was so excited to try the Power Berry Serum from a brand I adore, Paula’s Choice. This newly launched serum contains 13 different berries like açaí, blueberry, raspberry, elderberry, goji berry, and strawberry fruit extracts. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids, lignans, and anthocyanidins to repair and defend the skin against environmental damage. It also contains sea buckthorn, raspberry, elderberry, and squalene to revitalize, hydrate, and soothe the skin.

I mean, it’s pink. How can I not like it? Also, the tube type of packaging is perfect. No careful opening needed, a lifesaver for clumsy people like I am, and it’s very easy to bring when you’re traveling. Also, the bright color always seems to be calling my name so, I don’t forget applying this in the morning before makeup.

The serum itself feels a bit cool on the skin. It also feels light but has a slight creamy feeling. It doesn’t apply matte and leaves the skin dewy, which made me hesitant at first because textures like this tend to make my skin oily after a few hours of use. This, thankfully, didn’t do that. It left my skin healthy looking and hydrated, as expected of a good skincare product with antioxidants. It also played well with the makeup products I usually use – no sliding off business here. This is honestly a good addition to my existing skincare routine as it supports the actives I use. After a month of using this product, I have noticed less dullness especially in the middle of the week and my skin is much more radiant and healthy-looking.

The Paula’s Choice Power Berry Serum was provided by @paulaschoice. Available for $31 at


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