Brand Overview: Em Cosmetics

When Em Cosmetics reached out to me, I said yes because I’ve been a fan of @michellephan, one of the beauty bloggers I admire and go to because she’s has a similar skin tone and features like I do, not because I thought I would find a holy grail in her cruelty-free collection.

I already have a go-to brow pencil but the Fine Liner Brow Pencil ($18) threw it out in the water. This vegan brow pencil is one of the thinnest I’ve seen so I was amazed at the pigmentation. It also applies smooth and light so it’s easy to control and build the color.

I am not lacking in the brow department but I have really fine hair so my brows can look sparse without brow products. This one makes my brows look thicker and fuller but natural. I have a nick on my left brow and only a few on my stash can cover it. I usually use a gel brow color to do so, which can sometimes result in a severe line if I’m not careful.

However, this one provides coverage while still appearing subtle. Like I didn’t have a scar on my brow at all.

The Micro-Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream ($19) has a really thin packaging that houses one of the cutest spoolie I have ever seen. The color Classic Brunette suits my brows perfectly. It gives long-lasting hold and leaves my brows looking fluffy and full. It gets all my thin and short brow hairs, elongating and thickening them and holding its position the whole day. It doesn’t make my brows looks unnatural or like it has pomade on. My only gripe with this is that I am so scared of breaking the wand in half since it’s so thin. Doubly scared when I put the wand back because the tube also has a small opening, making me really take my time on putting the wand back. Most of the time, I hit an edge making me gasp because I thought for sure I broke the wand. Luckily, it hasn’t happened yet because I really love this brow cream.

I really like the brush tip of the Precision Control Liquid Eyeliner ($21) because it’s so thin. This vegan eyeliner feels like a feather on the lids and it’s great for applying a really thin line whenever I don’t want an elaborate eye look and just want to look more awake.

The brush holds so much product that I was able to do a thin line on both eyes without shaking the tube twice. It also helps that the brush tip is so easy to control. I have the shade Brown and it’s a good everyday liner because aside from not smudging, this #eyeliner doesn’t make me tear up if I don’t remove it after 8 hours.

Compared to the color in the packaging, the Infinite Lip Clouds ($20) in shade Rose Nude unexpectedly looks lighter on my lip.

This vegan liquid lipstick feels lightweight. It still works but I was expecting a rosier nude tint but this is more nude than rose. It’s easy to apply with a doe foot applicator that has a thicker bottom than most doe foot applicators. It doesn’t completely dry so don’t expect this to be smudge or transfer free. On the other hand, this doesn’t feel drying and it doesn’t crack.

The True Gloss ($20) feels light and applies easily. I am not a fan of lip glosses and much prefer matte and velvety finish on my lip colors but applying the shades Secret Blush and Red Jasper were easy for me.

I like using Secret Blush, a vegan lipgloss that has a sheer pink tint, as a topper to a nude lipcolor as I have uneven colored lips.

The shade Red Jasper, a muted terracotta, is a go-to if I want to look bolder but not too bold. It looks cute yet age-appropriate if that makes sense. Both glosses provide a slight gloss, a mature one, if you may. They don’t call that much attention but they provide enough sheen. They don’t feel so sticky that it makes drinking or eating difficult, but they don’t last long either, which I don’t really mind.

The Fine Liner Brow Pencil and Micro-Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream were clear standouts for me and have become my holy grail brow products. I have been using them every day since I got them and I can’t imagine not using them ever again.

The Em Cosmetics Fine Liner Brow Pencil, Micro-Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream, Precision Control Liquid Eyeliner, Infinite Lip Clouds, and True Gloss were provided by @emcosmetics. Available at


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