Selfcare Review: Myro Deodorant

I’m always on the lookout for deodorants that are not only good for me but also good for the environment. That’s how I met Myro.

Myro sells plant-powered and cruelty-free deodorants. They use barley powder to keep armpits dry and don’t contain aluminum, parabens or baking soda. The deodorants are packaged in a modern and durable case that is refillable. This travel-friendly packaging allows you to purchase refills instead of purchasing another one. It also has cap locks to prevent mess.

I have the scent Chill Wave, which is a blend of cucumber, jasmine, and spearmint. It creates a subtle fresh scent that doesn’t overpower my perfume. It usually takes a week for my skin to get used to a deodorant. Meaning I have to spend a week feeling sweaty and dirty before I see the actual effects of the deodorant. However, for this one, it took two days for things to normalize. After two days, I experienced fresh and dry armpits. The actual deodorant is creamy and dries a bit white though unlike other deodorants in the market that applies similarly, this didn’t stain my clothes.

I am honestly impressed because the weather is getting warmer, which means I sweat more, but this deodorant stepped up to the task. Also, for the price, this feels so luxurious on the skin. Effective too.

The Myro Deodorant in Chill Wave was provided by @myro. Available for $10 at


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