Skincare Review: Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse and Perfect Balance

With the different skin characteristics in mind, Elemental Herbology based their products on the five elements. For normal to combination skin, their Balance range is represented by Wood, inspired by growth and change. This range aims to help naturally oily areas, replenish moisture levels, and protect the skin against environmental factors.

The Harmonising Cleanse (£27.95) is a vegan cleansing oil that contains grapefruit, 5 alpha avocuta from avocado, and argan oil to cleanse, purify, and nourish the skin while controlling oil and improving the moisture barrier. The cleanser is lightweight and does not feel greasy. When I massage the product on my face with some water, the product very lightly lathers and feels milky as I work it into my face. What I love about this product is that while it has a very gentle formulation and feel on my skin, it leaves my face feeling so clean and free from dirt and even tough to remove makeup. I also love the luxurious scent of this product. However, this leaves a bit of a filmy residue when I remove this with water so this is best used when removed using a cloth. As a matter of preference, I like rinsing my first cleanser with water.

The Perfect Balance (£31.75), on the other hand, helps protect against environmental factors, replenish moisture levels, and reduce congestion for a balanced complexion with cell active hydro (from sugars of apples, algae, and lupin proteins), sepitonic (zinc, magnesium, copper), and kakadu plum. This moisturizer is a light cream that has a herbal and earthy scent. The scent, which can be quite strong upon application, but, when evenly distributed, is quite pleasant. The consistency of the moisturizer is light and gets absorbed quickly into my skin. Similar to the facial cleanser, I noticed that this works on both dry and oily areas of the face. It may, however, need reapplication for those with extremely dry skin since of its lightweight nature.

The Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse and Perfect Balance were provided by @elementalherbology and @yourcalissa. Available at

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