Skincare Review: Frank Body Creamy Face Cleanser, Creamy Face Scrub, Glow Mask, and Everyday Face Moisturizer

Aside from body scrubs, Frank Body also wants you to experience #thefrankeffect on your face.

The Creamy Face Cleanser ($18.95) is a vegan and cruelty-free cleanser that aims to remove makeup and impurities. It contains activated charcoal to deep cleanse the skin, coffee seed extract to help fade scars, marshmallow roots to calm redness and irritation, and oils of coconut, grapeseed, and sweet almond to gently break down makeup.

This face cleanser is a runny almost gel-type foaming cleanser that has a faint smell of charcoal. It has a squeaky clean feeling after rinsing. It can remove everyday makeup easily but you would need to do a first cleanse if you’re wearing long-wearing or waterproof makeup. What I like is that even though it can strip the skin of all the dirt and oils, it doesn’t feel tightening or drying. The only not so good thing I can say about this product is that it’s better contained in a pump. The cleanser is too runny that the actual product easily spills as soon as I open it.

For fast exfoliation, the Creamy Face Scrub ($21.95) is designed to detoxify pores, fight breakouts, fade scars with the roasted coffee grinds and bamboo and walnut powders. It also has white clay to remove dead skin cells and rosehip oil to brighten and help fade scars.

This face scrub smells and feels like the express-o scrub, like a frapuccino, and the same color as well. It contains tiny granules but they don’t feel scratchy on the skin. Similar to the express-o scrub, this left my skin so smooth and soft, like I just applied a hydrating toner. Even though I am not a fan of face scrubs, I still use this sparingly. I like using this on my nose and chin, the parts of my face that easily gets clogged, for additional detoxification and exfoliation in the middle of the week. Aside from that, I noticed that these also helped smoothen the texture of my nose. This has helped to soften my skin and giving me that much-needed mid-week brightening.

The Glow Mask ($21.95) is a 5-minute natural and cruelty-free hydrating mask that promises to hydrate, reduce puffiness, and provide glowing skin. It uses coffee seed oil to stimulate blood flow, shea and cocoa butters to lock moisture, goji berry extract for its antioxidants, and cranberry and raspberry seed oil to brighten.

This face mask has a runny texture and a milky smell. It doesn’t feel tightening or drying while I leave it for five minutes. The mask just feels really soft and gentle on my skin so sometimes, I leave it on for 20 minutes to relax. For me, that’s when I get the results I want. My skin instantly feels moisturized without feeling tacky, firm without feeling tight, and bouncy without feeling like there’s product sitting on top of my face. This is best suited for normal or dry skin types.

To top these all off, the Everyday Face Moisturizer ($21.95) claims to plump, tone, and smooth the skin with arabica seed oil, cocoa and shea butters, and coconut, grapeseed, and sweet almond oils. This moisturizer comes in a handy white and pink squeeze tube and comes out with a milky white texture.

The combination of natural ingredients contributes to its distinctly natural, nutty, and caffeinated smell. It feels creamy and lightweight but not lightweight enough for me to use in the morning. For my oily skin, this is best used at night. I noticed how it leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. I saw improvements just a few days of continued use.

I honestly don’t have really bad things to say about Frank Body. Their products are well-made, gentle, and effective. My favorites, the Creamy Face Cleanser and the Creamy Face Scrub, have textures are usually made for products targeted to dry and normal skin types but it worked on my oily skin. Though I needed my actives to fade scars, their products are also simple and are meant for people on-the-go as their products deliver instant brightening, softening, and glowing results to the skin.

These products were provided by @frankbod. Available at

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