Makeup Review: Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil and Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil

I have already gotten to the point where my makeup routine has become a part of my muscle memory – SPF, liquid foundation, brows pencil, blush, and lip color. It’s safe, it works, but it doesn’t mean it’s boring. I get to have my fun by choosing a variety of lip colors. So, I was really happy to receive the Sculpted Lip Oils from Ogee.

Coming in 9 variants (one clear and eight tinted oils), the conditioning lip treatment contains a blend of organic cold-pressed organic cold-pressed jojoba oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil, hyaluronic acid, and beeswax to moisturize and nourish the lips. They all apply matte and leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth.

The Sculpted Lip Oil in Clear ($22) feels like a light balm with a subtle sheen. It’s a good everyday balm if just want moisture and hydration.

If you’re looking for both color and care, the Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil ($26) comes in eight shades – Azalea (fuchsia), Begonia (red plump), Camellia (pink), Dahlia (burgundy wine), Gardenia (nude), Linnea (shimmery peach), Magnolia (white pink), and Zinnia (tomato red). They all apply smoothly and the pigmentation is buildable. The lighter colors are easier to apply while the darker and brighter ones need a couple more swipes to get even application or more if you want depth. I also like to mix and match for variation – Camellia and Azalea for a pink gradient or Linnea on top of every shade for additional shine.

They do not last through drinks and food but the pencil-like packaging makes it easy to reapply. They leave the lips soft and smooth making it a good everyday lip color option for those who want effective and cruelty-free makeup. These lip oils are also made without gluten, silicones, petroleum derivatives, phthalates, parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, and GMOs.

The Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil and Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil were provided by @ogee . Available at

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