Brand Overview: Knours

Knours doesn’t subscribe to creating their EWG verified products. Instead, they believe in catering to what the skin needs.

Their Double Duty Mist ($36) can be used in three different modes. If your skin is feeling dry and flaky, shake it before use. Don’t shake it if your skin is feeling sensitive and shake just one when your skin is feeling normal. The bottom layer of this face mist aims to clarify and unclog pores, while the oil-based top layer nourishes and moisturizes, using aloe leaf juice jojoba seed oil, glycerin, and rosa damascena culture extract. For confusing weather that can be either hot or rainy, this could be a skincare staple as it helps balance the skin. On a warm day, this is not hydrating enough for my oily skin. It does, however, feel moisturizing when my skin is feeling a bit dry.

Meanwhile, the One Perfect Cream ($48) is their multitasking solution to keep the skin satisfied, with a balance of hydrating, nourishing, age-defying, and brightening effects by using sweet almond oil, niacinamide, shea butter, and baobab seed oil.

While this moisturizer is effective, it’s also quite heavy, which I already predicted based on its ingredients. With that said, I can still use this at night when my skin is looking for moisture, nourishment, and a bit of brightening.

The Be Kind to Your Skin Mask ($4) promises to relax and revitalize the skin with glucose, fructose, hyaluronic acid, moutan peony root extract, and baikal skullcap root extract that’s soaked in a tencel sheet mask. When you feel that your skin needs a reset, this sheetmask can soothe tired or irritated skin in a flash, returning the lost glow within just a few minutes. This makes it perfect as a quick skincare refresh when you don’t have enough time for a full routine.

These products, I feel like, would work for those who have dry or normal skin that’s looking for moisture and nourishment.

The Knours Double Duty Mist, One Perfect Cream, and Be Kind To Your Skin Mask were provided by @knours. Available at

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