Skincare Review: Comfort Zone Skincare Active Pureness, Gel, Toner, and Fluid

I have been enjoying moisturizing and hydrating my skin recently but due to the warm weather, I had to change things up a bit and go back to a few mattifying products. The Active Pureness line from Comfort Zone Skincare promises to purify, renew, and mattify the skin that’s usually exposed to hot and humid climates and it’s what I’ve been using a past couple of months.

Promising to be a purifying cleansing gel, the Active Pureness Gel using 3% gluconolactone to exfoliate, arginine to hydrate, and mangosteen extract to provide antioxidants. It feels gentle upon contact with skin, and it is so easy to spread. This gel cleanser doesn’t remove the skin’s natural oils, which can be good in the mornings. However, I much prefer more mattified skin after cleansing.

The Active Pureness Toner uses the same ingredients as the cleansing and promises to cleanse the pores. It’s doing what the usual astringent toner does but it does feel gentler than the others. The smell, which is really fragrant, can be a bit overwhelming that’s why I don’t reach for this often.

My favorite in the line is the Active Pureness Fluid, a hydrating fluid for those with oily skin. It aims to mattify and hydrate the skin using vitamin c and starch. As expected of a mattifying product, this has a clear gel texture. It has a heavier consistency than the mattifying products I’m used to but it feels light on the skin. It also dries almost instantly and always leaves my skin balance for the rest of the day. It’s one of the most effective mattifying moisturizers I’ve tried.

Overall, these products purify and mattify the skin, which works for those with oily skin like me. If you don’t mind strong fragrances in your skincare, this could be a good option for you. Their products are also cruelty-free and are made without silicones, parabens, mineral oils, and artificial colors.

The Comfort Zone Skincare Active Pureness Gel, Toner, and Fluid were provided by @comfortzoneskincare. Available at

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