Skincare Review: Whal Myung Skin Elixir, Skin Elixir Mask, and WM5 Hydrating Cream

Dating back to the 1900s, Whal Myung began when the Dong Wha Pharmaceutical Company created a special medicine for the royal family of the Joseon dynasty. Inspired by its 11-herb formula, the brand created the WM1897-P5. The formula contains dried tangerine peel, dries ginger, cinnamon, corydalis tuber, and myristica fragrans to nourish the skin, boost its vitality, and improve overall skin health.

My new favorite hydrating toner, the Skin Elixir has a watery formula that has some weight to it. Its smell, a blend of citrus and cinnamon, feels incredibly relaxing. It feels nourishing to the skin that, sometimes, I skip on the essences during my night routine. If my skin is feeling tight, I also use this in the mornings.

Similar to the benefits of the face toner, I reach for the Skin Elixir Mask when my skin is looking hydration and nourishment. This sheetmask also contains ceramide, argan oil, and lecithin to strengthen skin’s barrier. I like using this after exfoliating or when my skin is feeling sensitive.

The WM5 Hydrating Cream uses the brand’s formula in addition to shea butter, olive-based squalane, and ceramide to hydrate, moisturize, nourish, and strengthen the skin. Similar to the other products, this moisturizer smells fresh and sweet. It has a watery gel texture and a light consistency that feels soft on the skin and sinks in fairly quickly. It works well with my oily skin and has helped to make my skin look plump and soft.

These products, aside from being hydrating, has helped in terms of nourishing and strengthening my skin, making it look healthy. This, honestly, can work for any skin type. For my oily skin, though, these products are best used at night. Nevertheless, they will work for those looking for hydration, moisture, and nourishment.

The Whal Myung Skin Elixir, Skin Elixir Mask, and WM5 Hydrating Cream were provided by @whalmyung. Available

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