Skincare Review: Curology Cleanser and Moisturizer

When your skincare routine consists of a whole bunch of products, there are days when you just need something basic and straightforward, without the bells and whistles of scents, oils, acids and everything else. Curology is just that.

Going beyond their customized products, the cult-favorite also has the simple, no-frills Cleanser and Moisturizer.

The Cleanser is a light and unscented facial wash. This cleanses my skin without drying it out too much, or stripping off its natural oils.

On the other hand, The Moisturizer calms my skin down. Aside from keeping my skin hydrated, it also prevents the excessive peeling or irritation I might get when using some stronger products.

I find that both of these go great alongside the different acids in my lineup. On days when I just want to give my skin a break, these two can be enough.

The Curology Cleanser and Moisturizer were provided by @curology. Available at

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