Brand Overview: NCLA Beauty Nail Lacquers, So Rich Cuticle Oil, and Lipsticks

First known for nail care, I received two of the vegan and cruelty-free nail lacquers ($16 each) from NCLA BeautyTutus & Traffic Violations, a pastel gray, and Tennis Anyone? A yellow pastel.

Not just providing color, they also sent the Deluxe Cuticle Oil Travel Set ($49) that contains the So Rich Vitamin E infused cuticle oil in Dark Almond, Peach Vanilla, Bubblegum Pop, Rose Petal, Saltwater, and Mermaid Tears to hydrate, nourish, and revitalize the cuticle and the nails.

This set has been very useful to me as my nails have been feeling a little dry and weak due to constant coloring. I have been applying this every night before slipping and my nails now look like they are regaining their strength. They are also not looking too dry anymore.

Aside from nail products, they also have lipsticks ($16 each) that have a semi-matte finish. They also contain castor oil, vitamin e, and vitamin c to nourish and prevent lips from drying. I got the colors Hidden Hills Hottie and Calabasas Queen. Both lipsticks a really pigmented but it would take a couple of coats to get a solid and even color across the lip. I like how they are not drying and they last through a few drinks. When used every day, I can comfortably drink my coffee and jug a lot of water. I only have to reapply after eating lunch.

Hidden Hills Hottie is a light nude cream. I usually go for a nude peach or a nude pink lip so having this light a nude for a #lipcolor is an adventure for me. I go for this if I’m doing a bold eye or a strong cheek color as this, at least on my lips, give a really high fashion nude look. Meanwhile, Calabasas Queen is a bold red lip that should be the main attraction of your look. This is strong and I like using this for nights out. I also like dabbing this lightly for a stronger but subdued lip color in the morning.

The NCLA Beauty Nail Lacquers, So Rich Cuticle Oil, and Lipsticks were provided by @nclabeauty. Available at

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