Skincare Review: Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser, Vitamin C Serum, Beta Hydroxy Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid

I have heard of Inkey List while looking for a no non-sense brand that offers a wide range of products at a price point accessible price point. They recently sent over products suitable for my oily skin that’s brightening and clearing.

My skin has been acting properly the past few weeks so it took me some time to test the Salicylic Acid Cleanser, which promises to help control oil, reduce pores, blackheads, and breakouts, and soothe and protect the skin. This is a gentle cleansing gel that helped prevent some bumps from turning into a zit. I used this before getting my period as this is the time where my skin is at the most congested.

I’m a lover of vitamin c so the Vitamin C is one of the first things I tried. This promises offer antioxidant and brightening benefits using 30% l-ascorbic acid. It has a thick texture and a heavy consistency, something I don’t prefer for a product I would use in my morning routine. It does brighten the skin but I prefer my morning products to have a more watery consistency.

My skin loves BHA because of how it clears my oily skin while eliminating excess oil. I use the Beta Hydroxy Acid at night and this is a good chemical exfoliant that helps remove impurities and keeps the skin clear and even-looking.

Hyaluronic Acid is another acid that my skin easily responds to. This acid hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and plump afterward. This is pretty straightforward and promises what it claims to do instantly. Whenever I use this, I don’t wake up with greasy skin and it helps prevent decongestion.

For the prices, Inkey List products are worth a try but for my oily skin, I really enjoy using the Beta Hydroxy Acid and the Hyaluronic Acid as they have both helped hydrate and clear my skin, preventing excessive oiliness and congestion.

The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser, Vitamin C, Beta Hydroxy Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid were provided by @theinkeylist and @preendotme

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