Cult Favorite: Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX

The First Care Activating Serum EX that #Sulwhasoogiftedme is actually a back-up. I’m about to finish my second bottle so, you know how much I like using this.

They call this a serum but it’s meant to be applied right after cleansing to boost the effects of the products you use after it, which to me honestly sounds like an essence. It uses the JAUM Balancing Complex, a blend of botanicals selected from over 3,000 traditional Korean herbs to restore, replenish moisture, hydrate, and balance the skin. Though this contains alcohol, which I don’t really mind but is worth noting, I still like it.

It has a serum-like consistency and since I’m a rebel, I would mostly use this right after a hydrating toner and a light essence. It has a light gel texture that feels lightweight enough on the skin even though there is a bit of an oily feeling to it. It also has a strong herbal scent though it doesn’t linger. It would only take a pump and a half to cover my face and the serum would sink in without leaving a tacky feeling on my skin.

The first few weeks I used this, I didn’t really notice anything save for it leaving my face plump and soft, a feeling not exclusive to this product. However, after not using it for a week, my skin missed it. I also noticed that my face fell back to looking tired and sallow in the middle of the week, no matter how careful I was in terms of hydrating and moisturizing. That’s when I realized how this helped in maintaining a radiant glow to my skin, even without makeup, and also leaving it soft and bouncy. Those things might not sound hardworking but for someone in her 30s who can easily look tired the morning after she spends two more hours past her bedtime, it’s a big deal.

Is this product extra? Yes, definitely. However, I purchased and repurchased this serum because I like how it makes my oily skin feel and look.

The Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX was provided by @sulwhasoo.official and @octoly.

#FirstCare #OctolyFamily

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