Skincare Review: Graffiti Collective Street Rose

I enjoy masking, using them two to three times a week. So, it’s always an easy yes to try a new one.

The Street Rose from Graffiti Collective is a light pink, rose and powder-scented face mask that promises to even skin tone, reduce redness, treat breakouts and brighten your skin.

This is a creamy mask that feels so soft upon application. It tightens a bit as it dries but it feels extremely weightless and gentle on the skin. Due to the consistency, it’s easy to apply too. No-fuss and no mess, I just lather it onto my face, leave it on for five to seven minutes, and then rinse. Rinsing it is another story. Because it’s creamy consistency, a bit of product will stick to the skin and would require more massaging.

As for the results, it feels moisturizing on the skin. It also brings instant softness and plumpness to the complexion. I have not seen its effects on breakouts, however, as I have used stronger products than this one. Also, for the price of $45, I feel like there are more hardworking masks put there that are cheaper. It does come in a big tub, though, and would last a casual masker months.

This will work for those looking for a vegan and cruelty-free mask that offers gentle exfoliation to the skin while leaving it soft and plump.

The Graffiti Collective Street Rose was provided by @graffiti.collective .

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