Makeup Review: Lilah B. Glisten + Glow™ Skin Illuminator in Rose Bronze

A close up the Glisten + Glow™ Skin Illuminator in Rose Bronze from Lilah B. As always, the brand knocks it out with a luxe pebble packaging that not only looks good, it’s also very sturdy.

This highlighter aims to awaken and revitalize dull complexion using black currant seed oil extract, sunflower oil extract, carotenoids, plant sterols, fatty acids, and brown sea algae.

This is a very subtle highlighter. It’s more of a complexion enhancer for me. Unlike other highlighters, this cleanly provides a subtle glow to the high points of my face like the cupid’s bow and my nose (as seen in the photos of me using it). For someone with oily skin , it can be difficult to to find something like this – a highlighter that doesn’t make my skin look like an oiled grease pan after a few hours.

This has a very soft and creamy consistency so it’s easy to use. like using my fingers for a subtle sheen and a brush if I want a more precise and more defined highlight. The skin grabs the product easily and looks like it melts upon contact resulting in a natural-looking application.

The shade Rose Bronze is exactly as advertised. It’s a bronze highlighter with a pinkish undertone that works well for my medium brown skin. It gives off that summer glow that we all want to hold on to for as long as we can. I find that the shade complements medium to dark complexions as it makes the skin have that warm glow.

The Lilah B. Glisten + Glow™ Skin Illuminator in Rose Bronze was provided by @lilahbeauty . Available for $32 at

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