Skincare Review: Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Serum

My skin has been in a good place lately.

It’s the reason why I’ve been really focusing on keeping it healthy. I have been using the Omega+ Complex Serum from Paula’s Choice, which contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 oil and ceramides to replenish dull, dehydrated skin, improve skin health, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I have tried the Omega+ Complex Moisturizer and I like the lightweight but creamy consistency of this one. This has a cooling sensation and satin finish that leaves my skin dewy. Despite the lighter consistency, I use this at night or when I’m doing applying makeup in the morning. I just like products with a more matte finish before applying makeup, similar to their Power Berry Serum. At night, this is always my last serum, which I apply before moisturizing, and this keeps my skin hydrated and plump. I like that this also doesn’t feel clogging on the skin, which is important for someone with oily skin who’s looking for a replenishing and hydrating product.

The Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Serum was provided by @paulaschoice. Available at

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