Candle Review: Boy Smells Petal and Ash

Just spending the past few nights with these Boy Smells candles. I was supposed to wait til my husband and I move into our new home but I couldn’t resist.

I never requested for a scent so it was a nice surprise to receive Petal, which has a scent of tree flowers, rose, sage, and patchouli. The floral scent is blended with a musky fragrance making it smell cozy and fresh so I like lighting this during the day.

They also sent over Ash, which isn’t what I usually go for, at least on paper. The scent is a combination of firewood, smoke, charcoal, palo santo, and hay. This has a modern scent but it has a bit of sweetness to it, perfect at night.

Cozy is the first thing that comes to mind upon my first smell of the candles, which is actually surprising for such modern packaging. It’s a nice contrast, though. The coconut and beeswax blend evenly liquifies and solidifies flatly so relighting is easy.

Both candles don’t assault the nose when you light up the braided cotton wick. Instead, it seems like the smells slowly crawl into the room to provide an even fragrance that makes it feel like it envelopes you.

The Boy Smells Petal and Ash were provided by @boysmells. Available for $32 each at