Skincare Review: Bliss Pumpkin Powerhouse Mask, Drench and Quench, and Green Tea Wonder Mask

Some Bliss tubs I’ve been testing the past few months.

The Pumpkin Powerhouse Mask promises to exfoliate and resurface the skin using pumpkin puree, lemon and rice powders, and sodium hyaluronate, and shea butter. This is a creamy mask with tiny bits that feels soft and not at all scratchy. It almost feels likes tiny fibers. It just that lightly exfoliates the skin. The masks sting a bit but it does soften the skin. After every application, this helped with my skin’s texture a bit.

To moisturize, the Drench & Quench promises to hydrate and balance the skin with purified microalgae, hydrozome, vitamin c, milk thistle oil, passion fruit seed oil, and german chamomile. As expected, this gel moisturizer feels like a burst of water when you apply it to the skin. It also has a fresh floral scent that’s similar to body moisturizers my aunt used to use when I was a kid. It settles into this slightly creamy, silky texture as it dries. It feels hydrating, which didn’t really surprise me. It’s just not as hydrating as I would like.

I have never encountered a cuter overnight mask than the Green Tea Wonder Mask. It glistens on my hands on my face when applied. Aside from how it looks, this overnight mask also aims to balance and smooth the skin while absorbing excess oil using azelaic acid, fermented green tea oil, green tea extract, aloe leaf juice, and rosa canica extract. This feels so good on the skin. It feels soothing and rejuvenating so I use this after exfoliating or when my skin is feeling sensitive. Most of my overnight masks focus on hydration so this is a welcome addition in my stash.

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Skincare Review: Bliss Bright Idea Collection

Powered by Vitamin C and Tri-peptide, the new Bright Idea collection from Bliss promises to brighten, plump, and hydrate the skin while boosting its natural elasticity.

The Bright Idea Serum ($27) also contains licorice root extract and glycerin to smooth and calm the skin while protecting it from free radicals. I really enjoy the light and airy consistency of Bliss serums. Like their other serums, this sinks in and leaves a silky finish to the skin after application. Compared to other vitamin c serums, this doesn’t only brighten the skin, it also feels hydrating on the skin.

To smooth, protect, brighten, and revive the eye area, Bright Idea Eye Cream ($24) also contains licorice root extract. This is my first Bliss eye cream. It has a light but creamy to the feel to the skin, which works well with my dry eye area. It feels moisturizing and it sinks in beautifully. A small amount goes a long way and it’s extremely nourishing.

The Bright Idea Moisturizer ($24) also uses green tea extract and plant-derived carbohydrate complex to reinforce the skin’s natural defenses against free radical damage while hydrating the skin. This is really creamy but it feels lightweight once massaged onto the skin. It also has this slightly cooling sensation as you massage it to the skin and it leaves a satin finish.

I like using products with Vitamin C in the mornings and while I have no problems using the Serum and Eye Cream, I found the Moisturizer’s consistency heavier than I would prefer, especially since it’s so warm and humid these days. I have also been reviewing a lot of products with vitamin c and peptides and these products are definitely in the more inexpensive price range so, these are a good option for those looking for brightening, plumping, and hydrating products.

The Bliss Bright Idea Serum, Eye Cream, and Moisturizer were provided by @bliss. Available at

2019 Skincare Favorites

As you know, I love cleansing and these are the new cleanser I’ve added to my favorites.

Sekkisei treatment cleansing oil – I’m usually a balm person but this cleansing oil feels nourishing and gentle on the skin.

Youth to the People superfood cleanser – I love cleansing foams but this is just on a league of its own. it’s watery but foams, it smells great, and it feels so good on the skin.

Then I Met You living cleansing balm and soothing tea cleansing gel – this is just a very nourishing duo. it does the job of cleansing the skin while refreshing and nourishing the skin.

Ole Henriksen phat glow facial – this zaps my blemishes and gives my skin a ridiculous glow the morning after

Korres hydra-biome – this came in at the latter part of the year and I have barely a few months trying this but it’s just so good. It plumps, brightens, and improves my skin overall. Love it. Love it.

Youth to the People 11% AHA exfoliation power toner – this is strong on the skin but it does give stellar results of glowing and clear skin.

Whalmyung skin elixir – my go-to hydrating toner this year

Peach and Lily the good acids pore toner – gentle and good for daily use, this toner doesn’t just brighten the skin. It nourishes them too

Then I Met You birch milk refining toner and the giving essence – if you haven’t noticed I love @charlottejcho for giving me TIMY products this year. This duo are gentle and nourishing but not only that but they also plump and brighten the skin in the long run. I always recommend these for those who have sensitive skin or those who are just building up their skincare routine

Farmacy Beauty very cherry bright – with a heavier texture, I use this brightening serum when my skin is feeling dehydrated

Peach and Lily glass skin serum – this just makes my skin look so damn good

Volition Beauty strawberry-c serum – another brightening serum, this is lightweight and gentle

Caudalie vinopure serum – my go-to serum when my skin is acting up

Korres wild rose spotless serum – yes, I love brightening serums. this one is watery and great before applying makeup

Bliss renew and smooth, glow and hydrate serums – amazed by this. they both have enjoyable texture and for the price, what they do to my skin js more than worth it.

Paula’s Choice power berry serum – a staple in my morning routine

Paula’s Choice antioxidant pore purifier – this just helps when my skin is irritated

Drunk Elephant a-passioni – this made me love retinol. It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t make my face red, and it has improved the overall texture and firmness of my skin

Wander Beauty do not disturb – this has retinoid and I love using this treatment when my skin is feeling dry and dull

Wander Beauty layover – my skin just drinks this in. it light yet so nourishing to the skin

Wander Beauty glow ahead – it calls itself a face oil but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s light and it doesn’t feel oily at all. I use this before applying SPF and makeup and it just a boost of radiance to my skin

First Aid Beauty retinol eye cream – see what I mean by loving retinol this year? I have it for my eyes as well.

Skincare Review: Bliss Glow and Hydrate Day Serum and Renew and Smooth Night Serum

I have been trying these new drops from Bliss for more than a month now and I’m so far enjoying the results. The brand launched two serums, the Glow & Hydrate Day Serum ($22) and Renew & Smooth Night Serum ($25), working hand in hand to provide smooth, glowing skin.

The Glow & Hydrate Day Serum contains niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, and vitamin e to replenish, defend, hydrate, improve dullness, and diminish pores and blemishes. The consistency of this is thicker than the serums I usually use in the morning but it works. It applies thin and dries matte making it a good base for my makeup. I usually use niacinamide at night, together with my retinol, so using one in the morning was a total change for me. It was a nice change, however, as this is gentle on the skin and it leaves it feeling soft and looking bright. It didn’t aggravate the oiliness of my skin, it actually managed the oiliness by keeping my skin hydrated.

The Renew & Smooth Night Serum ($25) uses a blend of glycolic acid and polyhydroxy acid, squalene, and fruit acids (sugar cane, lemon, orange, and apple) to dissolve dead skin cells, brighten, smooth, and balance the skin. This has a thicker consistency than the AM serum but it works well with my other products at night. It also feels gentle on the skin and it sinks in quickly as well. It feels soothing to the skin and it doesn’t tingle at all. I like how this leaves my skin plump and glowing the morning after.

Together, these serums have made my skin look healthy. I am really amazed as to how bright and smooth my skin looked after a few weeks of using this. Even my husband commented about it. For the price, the results were so good. What really surprised me is how well both worked for my oily skin. The consistency was just right and I feel like anyone who wants to have smoother, glowing skin can use this. I also like that these serums are cruelty-free, vegan, and are formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, urea, formaldehyde, mineral oil, dea, tea, mea, eta, and dmdm hydantoin.

The Bliss Glow & Hydrate Day Serum and Renew & Smooth Night Serum were provided by @bliss. Available at

Skincare Review: Bliss What A Melon Toner, Hydrator, and Mask

I love watermelons. I’ve been eating them for as long as I can remember so my excitement from receiving the What A Melon collection of Bliss. These vegan and cruelty-free products use watermelon extract, cucumber fruit extract, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, soothe, calm, and moisturize the skin. They all smell like summer and sweetened watermelon!

Using willow bark extract, witch hazel, magnesium aspartate, and copper and zinc gluconates, the Toner ($17) promise to remove excess oil, protect the skin from free radicals, and calm, soothe, balance, and tone the complexion. This gently exfoliates the skin and feels hydrating. It’s very watery and sinks in quickly into the skin. It does balance the oiliness of my skin and makes it less oily when I use it in the mornings.

Now, I have a slight bias when it comes to jelly-textured moisturizers so I wasted no time in trying out the Hydrator ($20). It contains brazilian seawater, sea salt, and willow bark extract to hydrate, balance, and remove excess oil in the skin.

The moisturizer looks so bouncy in the tub and applies so watery to the skin, making it feel refreshing. I experience a bit of tingling the first few seconds of application but it dries beautifully on my oily skin. It’s not matte but it doesn’t sit on top of my skin either and doesn’t aggravate the oiliness of my skin the morning after use.

An overnight treatment, the Mask ($15) promises to replenish, balance, protect, and moisturize the skin using magnesium aspartate, and copper and zinc gluconates, rice bran extract, and avena sativa oat kernel extract.

Like the hydrator, this #overnightmask feels very watery to the skin. As instructed, I massaged it on my face for a minute. While doing so, I was a bit concerned that it will sit on top of my face. However, as promised, it sunk in pretty quickly and left the skin feeling plump but matte. It stung a bit, like the Hydrator but it subsides after a few minutes. By the morning, my skin looks radiant and dewy so I like using this in the middle of the week when my skin gets dull.

These products do not mattify but they do hydrate and balance the skin. I’ve been using them together for a month now and they have plumped and soften my skin without making look greasy and dull.

The Bliss What A Melon Toner, Hydrator, and Mask were provided by @blissworld. Available at