Bodycare Review: Sole Toscana Organic Awakening Gift Set

(PR) Sole Toscana also offers body care products also inspired by the Italian countryside and also created cruelty-free using natural and organic ingredients. Their Organic Awakening Gift Set ($95) consists of Awakening Organic Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Cleanser, and Body Lotion, which all contain cypress, lemon, and mint essential oils. What I liked about this set is the scent. It’s fresh and clean and really does awaken the senses.

The Awakening Organic Shampoo is a plant-derived, organic shampoo promising to wash away product build-up whiles cleansing, strengthening, and fortifying strands with amino acids. The Awakening Organic Conditioner aims to freshen, soften, and add shine to the hair weightlessly.

The Shampoo has a clear runny texture, runnier than most shampoos. Also, it doesn’t lather so, it confused me a bit a first. However, I used this alone at first and noticed that it was able to manage my dry scalp. My scalp didn’t feel itchy and I didn’t notice flakes. My temperamental scalp is dry at first but it would get oily after about 12 hours and this managed that as well. It feels really cleansing so I like using this after using a lot of hair products. The Conditioner, meanwhile, has a whipped texture that doesn’t feel greasy on the hair. Using this, I noticed that after a long day, my scalp isn’t as oily as usual and consequently, my hair didn’t look limp. What I like about these two is that they make my hair volumized and shiny without the limpness and the oiliness.

The Awakening Organic Body Wash is low-foaming cleanser while the Awakening Organic Body Lotion aims to soothe and hydrate the skin.

The Body Wash is thin and light on the skin. It also feels really gentle. As a preference, I like my body cleansers to be more moisturizing. On the other hand, the lotion is quite thick and creamy without feeling heavy. It’s easy to rub in and use it all over my body, and with consistent use notices it really leaves my skin soft and supple.

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