Skincare Review: Neogen Blueberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser and Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

As a fan of K-Beauty, Neogen is one of the few brands I’ve tried before and enjoyed. My first neogen product is actually the Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick, which was co-created with Charlotte Cho. This has been my travel cleanser two years ago. Now, Soko Glam sent over two of their cleansers and I feel like my skincare journey has come full circle.

A foam cleanser with blueberry water and moringa seed extract, the Blueberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser ($19) promises to remove impurities on the skin and fight off free radicals while hydrating and nourishing it. It also contains witch hazel and soybean ferment extract and is formulated without parabens and mineral oils.

This cleansing foam smells sweet but not overpowering. The plastic packaging pumps out foam but the actual foam doesn’t feel diluted or watery. It’s light but one pump can cover the whole face. It doesn’t leave the skin squeaky clean but doesn’t leave a residue either. It just leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated, and smooth. A great morning cleanser option as it feels gentle but cleansing.

To be used once or twice a week to deeply cleanse oily and combination skin, the Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser ($27) contains a blend of carbonated water, canadian colloidal clay, kaolin clay, and centella asiatica extract to eliminates excess sebum, blackheads, makeup, and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and inside pores.

It’s my first time trying something like this. The product feels creamy when applied. It applies smooth but foams on the skin. It doesn’t tighten and feels so gentle on my oily skin and it’s easy to rinse off. I like that even if it’s targeted for oily and combination skin types, it doesn’t feel drying or stripping. It just leaves the skin detoxified and smooth. I like using this twice a week for deep cleansing for exfoliating with a face mask.

The combination of these gentle cleansers helps keep my skin cleansed, clear, and soft without stripping my skin and drying it.

The Neogen Blueberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser and Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser were provided by @neogen and @sokoglam. Available at