Skincare Review: Dr. Loretta Micro Peel Peptide Pads and Tightening Eye Gel

Emphasizing their aim to protect the skin from external factors responsible for skin, Dr. Loretta describes products with how they protect the skin. External factors like pollution, light, climate, and irritants are what the brand focuses on and the formulas of their products contain vitamin c, algae peptides, and essential oils.

Targeting to protect the skin from pollution and climate, the Micro Peel Peptide Pads ($60) promises to exfoliate the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, improve skin texture, and replenish moisture with 10% glycolic acid, algae peptides, and botanicals of matte, kola, and guarana.

Compared to the peeling pads I’ve tried, this has a thinner pad soaked in essence. It tingles a bit once applied on the skin. The first time I used this, I got some redness on my cheeks. It still tingles even on the next uses because of the high percentage of glycolic acid. The pads have enough coarseness to exfoliate the skin as much as a mask would without going overboard and feeling like a coarse face scrub. It’s just right in the middle. I like to do this during the weekend and in the middle of the week to refresh my skin. It has immensely helped with the texture and radiance of my skin.

The Tightening Eye Gel ($60) contains lipochroman to protect the skin from pollution including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon free radical damage, and tiny particles of urban dust. It also has chromabright to fade uneven pigment, marine water microalga to replenishes hydration, algae extract to support the skin’s collagen, and peptides to tighten the eye area.

This has a lightweight gel-like texture that melts into the skin. Despite its watery texture, it doesn’t sink in too quickly, just slow enough to allow me to massage the gel around my eyes. I like that it has a slight cooling and tingling sensation and that it hydrates my dry under eyes. It tightens a bit around the eye area but for me, it’s not that noticeable as I do not have sagging skin around this area. What I really noticed though is how it improved the hydration around my eyes so, my makeup doesn’t gather around the deep lines under them.

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