Skincare Review: Sevendrops Criste-Marine Hydrate Firming Fluid and Babassu Active Firming Emulsion

I’ve enjoyed using Sevendrops before and they recently sent me some new products to try.

The Criste-Marine Hydrate Firming Fluid uses Criste-Marine, a plant known to store moisture. This serum also promises to soften, firm, and plump the skin. Its clear gel texture is right up my alley. It’s lightweight, and it sinks in quickly into the skin. after application, it leaves the skin feeling soft and plump.

Using babassu seed extract, the Babassu Active Firming Emulsion promises to tighten and lift the skin while maintaining its oil-water balance. This is a bit thicker than I’d prefer. However, I appreciate that a little goes a long way with this one.

Both products over nourishing and moisturizing benefits to the skin, which is very useful when my skin is feeling a bit dry. As for its tightening and lifting claims, I have not seen a difference in my skin. However, what I noticed is how it was able to plump the skin, making it look and feel healthy, as I expected from #kbeauty products.

The Sevendrops Criste-Marine Hydrate Firming Fluid and Babassu Active Firming Emulsion were provided by @sevendrops . Available at

Skincare Review: Sevendrops 3-Step Deep Cleansing Miracle Cleanser and Immortelle Revital and Radiance Serum

I’ve been a fan of kbeauty ever since I tried it out the first time and after testing out a couple of products from Sevendrops, I’m happy to say that much like other Korean skincare lines, it also doesn’t disappoint.

Their 3-Step Deep Cleansing Miracle Cleanser was first on my list of products to try. It aims to gently cleanse the skin using BHA, soapwort, lemon peel oil, and mandarin orange oil.

It has a faint, medicinal smell, but I was surprised that it didn’t sting at all when I applied it on my face. It’s a gel type that feels denser than most gel cleanser, almost like a thick mask. It emulsifies into a milky lather and rinses off easily. When I finished washing it off, my oily skin felt soft and supple, unlike the rough, drying effect that other facial washes have. I also noticed that it got rid of the light makeup I had on, staying true to its claim of not only being a cleanser, but also a makeup remover. However, it leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean so, it might be too drying for those with dry skin.

Besides the face cleanser, I also gave the Immortelle Revital & Radiance Serum a go. The serum promises to lift, brighten, and balance the skin using an essential oil from immortelle flower. Its consistency is slightly thicker than that of an essence, feeling somewhat close as to how a lotion would feel like. Despite that thickness though, it still settled on the skin nicely and absorbed very easily. As for the effects, I can’t say they were immediate, as the next few days didn’t really have any noticeable differences. But after about two weeks of continuous use, my skin felt brighter and less dull. My face started showing that youthful, morning glow whenever I looked into the mirror – even after a long day.

It’s quite safe to say that I’ll be watching out for whatever Sevendrops does next.

The Sevendrops 3-Step Deep Cleansing Miracle Cleanser and Immortelle Revital & Radiance Serum were provided by @sevendrops.